Bigby Wolf / Fables

I was in the mood to do something graphic and comic inspired so I did part of this last night and finished this today. I don’t really know why I haven’t done any Fables fan art yet; it’s one of my favourite series and I love the game too! :3: This is mostly inspired by the game’s art style; a totally different feel from the books, but a large reason why I enjoy it so much (not to mention the great story). I know…cigarettes are so cliche but it just fits the noir vibe I get from the game (plus Bigby’s always smoking like a chimney anyway so it’s kinda a part of his character).

Composition was kinda thrown together pretty quickly so it could probably be improved, but I’m lazy and want to move on to something else. I like how the headline turned out though (font is Farray – love this font!). I might make more character posters down the track, I’ve got Snow (of course), Rose Red and Colin in mind.  :wink: Oh and I also have other random drawing stuff to post but they all need to be finished. I have this habit of starting something and leaving it as a sketch for ages before actually rendering it.  :argh:

Bigby Wolf

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