The Drive

….sitting here imagining myself working for myself, promoting myself more, working on my craft more, but rather, just wondering if I’ve kinda lost it or if I’m just waiting for something to happen to spark that feeling again.

What drives people to create?

For me it’s all always been about the concept – the art of abstracting something simple out of something very complex.

Recently I’ve been going over my previous work and thinking how I could do so much better….if I’d done this, or this or….then I just shut down completely and try to put my mind on something else like a mindless tv show or game. Don’t get me wrong I enjoy mindless entertainment once in a while. But I often get this feeling like there’s got to be more than this – there’s got to be more than just churning out the same things endlessly and reiterating what’s been done over and over.

I suppose now I’m talking about what I’ve been doing currently, which is a lot of web stuff. The thing is, a lot of the web looks the same now, and a lot of people want the same things. It works but doing the same thing over and over makes me wonder if there’s this plateau you get to where it takes a lot- and I mean a lot – to excite you again.

I’m sure every creative goes through this at some point – but I feel like this is just part of an extended 2year+ creative rut I’ve been in…ever since I entered the creative industry in the first place. This goes for design and web- as far as illustration goes it’s been the hardest to get back into because of the time commitment and the hurdle of looking at a blank canvas and starting something.

My biggest projects have been the ones that I’ve been most passionate about – and as time goes on and I experience more and learn more I feel like I’ll never get that drive back again – the one I had when I was bored mindless out of my previous jobs and going home and working on these passion projects late at night. How do I get back there again? I keep asking myself this and sometimes I feel like I won’t again.


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