Designing JT V X

27 Mar 2016 // Concepting

Just a screencap of the design before I made a billion tiny changes. Ok a lot of changes. Gaaahh.

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Great Scott Grads 2015

29 Oct 2015 // Great Scott! Grads 2015

Hey all. Holy crap a new update! I really should actually be doing work (as usual) but I thought I'd write a quick update to say I MADE A NEW WEBSITE!!! And you should totally check it out. It's at and I actually made it for my graduating year, just...

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if zine #1

16 Sep 2015 // if zine #1 + more!

Would it surprise you to know I haven't actually completed an illustration for over two months now....crazy right. It's not really because I haven't been inspired to draw anything. It's just that the last few weeks of college are so busy I haven't had much time to do much else...

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if zine
Fluro 2

9 Apr 2015 // So many updates!

I'm on a short break at the moment so I finally have time to update you guys on stuff! yay. A lot has been happening. Creative-wise's my last year at college and we're busy with portfolio work as well as planning our end of year grad show. It's going...

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Pretty Neat

22 Jan 2015 // A pretty neat font

Good news - my holidays have actually been slightly productive. I finally got around to making that font I said I'd do last year! Holy crap does it feel like an accomplishment, especially considering I was actively learning a new program at the same time. And as I said, I'm making...

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5 Jan 2015 // Happy 2015!

I know it's kinda late but I still have to post some art I haven't uploaded on here yet. So the first thing I draw in 2015 happens to be a 2015 poster - something a bit different from what I usually do but hey why not try something new.

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Bigby Wolf

25 Jun 2014 // Bigby Wolf / Fables

I was in the mood to do something graphic and comic inspired so I did part of this last night and finished this today. I don't really know why I haven't done any Fables fan art yet; it's one of my favourite series and I love the game too! :3: This is mostly...

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10 Jun 2014 // Puffin Classics Book Project

For one of my assignments at college I had to design a product folder/info sheet package for a brand's product range. It was centred around typography and layout so it was kept pretty minimal. I thought it was a pretty good opportunity to do something fun, so I did mine...

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Book Cover Design

16 May 2014 // The World (and a sketch update)

Oh gosh I've been so busy doing assignments lately I haven't really had time to draw or even sketch for myself. :sweat: I'm working several things at once and most include some sort of drawing so you kinda takes it outta you. I actually do have a lot more...

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Surreal Picture

26 Aug 2013 // Works in Progress | August 2013

Just some shots of stuff I'm working on at the moment. Looking forward to showing the finished results  :squee:

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14 Jan 2013 // Campfire Songs – Calendar 2013

Well I said in my last post I was making a calendar for myself....HERE IT IS^^^  :heh: Oh mah gawd. Hallelujah this is finished; I can't wait to work on something new. Can you believe I started this drawing out with THIS: [caption id="attachment_3818" align="aligncenter" width="438"] AHAHA why yes this...

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Organic Chemistry

12 Dec 2012 // Organic Chemistry

I started drawing this yesterday because I haven't really done something 'finished' in a while and I wanted to get something done. But I am actually really happy with this now - it's definitely me, and combines a lot of my ideas in one image, with science and nature! Who...

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30 Nov 2012 // A big update of drawings!

So I have a bit of updating to do ... if you follow me on DeviantART you have probably already seen these. Sorry for taking so long to update them here on the blog - it's just so easy to upload images onto DeviantART and forget about them ;_; But...

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27 Jan 2012 // Greenwashing Parade

Hi all - Long time no update!! I know it's been pretty quiet over here since my 365 postcard project ended....that's not to say I haven't been busy however, ha ha.  :-| Anyhow, there are a few things I aim to do this year on this website, some of which...

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