29 Aug 2014 // Rose Red

Well this isn't really a sketch...and it isn't really something I'm totally happy with either. But I decided to post it up here anyway because I think it's important to acknowledge not every work you do will be 100% amazing. I was super bored one night so I decided to try...

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Deconstructed Midnight

28 Aug 2014 // Deconstructed Digital Midnight

I drew this as a sketch a while ago - decided to polish it up a bit digitally. I was in the mood to do something really simple.  However, I was an idiot and started doing this at the tiniest resolution(something like ~600px wide or something) so I had to go...

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23 Aug 2014 // Float

I seem to be most productive at night...which kinda sucks because it means I have a really bad sleeping pattern. >.< Anyway, I was really inspired by the moon and Kentucky Route Zero's style last week; this kinda just spewed from my brain so it's kinda like a conceptual stream...

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26 Jul 2014 // Waypoint

Finished this concept last night round ~5:30!  :( I just don't like leaving things unfinished, especially if it's something personal. :< This looks a lot different to the WIP I posted on my facebook; I wanted to use more colour and I found this neat trick on tumblr on how...

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24 Jul 2014 // Electric

A random concept I finished today! I had a hard time with colours...........and it's still annoying me. Ah well. I'm in that phase where I just want to draw non stop....it's a pretty awesome feeling. Especially when I've been feeling so uninspired and lazy lately; I really need to snap out...

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21 Jul 2014 // Infinite

So this started out as another sketch I was going to watercolour, but decided to do digitally instead. I'm glad I went the digital route with this now because I don't think I could've done this traditionally (in the way I imagined anyway). I'm quite happy with how the golden...

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18 Jul 2014 // Petals

I was going to do this in watercolour today, but decided to do it digitally instead. I really like using strokes and lines at the moment, although I drew this concept quite a while ago. Feels good to actually finish it! Based off the robot I drew ages ago (haha looking...

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14 Jul 2014 // A Yeti Typical Day

So I drew a yeti eating a snowcone, relaxing in a wood fire cabin during a snow storm listening to classical music.  B)

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Kraken cutie

11 Jul 2014 // Kraken <3's Cake

I'm doing a series of monsters eating fluffy, sweet confections...kind of as an excuse to experiment more with lines, colours and halftone patterns  :3: First up, the kraken...eating what I meant to be candy apples but now look more like cake pops.  :argh:

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Clouds in her eyes, Stars on her mind

8 Jul 2014 // Clouds in her eyes, Stars on her mind

I've had this concept floating around for a while, it just took a while to get the right composition.  :sweat: I was inspired by Henri Privat-Livemont's Absinthe poster, and wanted to do more things with fluffy plumes of clouds after doing the Alice Nouveau poster. I'm actually really happy with how...

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Glitched II

7 Jul 2014 // Glitch II

I wanted to redo the glitchy concept I did a while ago, but in a different style. This actually didn't take me that long to do but I'm much happier with how it turned out.  :yey: I have this thing with drawing cities at the moment as you can probably tell...

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4 Jul 2014 // Acquiesce

Sketched this out ages ago, but only just finished it today. I reworked a lot of it which is why this took so long to complete, particularly the colours because of my horrible indecisiveness. I had loads of fun creating the topography map (well it is all the rage in the design...

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Hobbit Arpakasso

27 Jun 2014 // Hobbit Arpakasso on a Mini Adventure…in the house

Another little arpakasso drawing for my bf who loves Tolkien and Arpakasso.  :riface: I know I keep switching up styles here....but I like trying a bit of everything. :) I like how clean and minimal this looks though; I never really liked using dark line art to begin with but...

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Bigby Wolf

25 Jun 2014 // Bigby Wolf / Fables

I was in the mood to do something graphic and comic inspired so I did part of this last night and finished this today. I don't really know why I haven't done any Fables fan art yet; it's one of my favourite series and I love the game too! :3: This is mostly...

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13 Jun 2014 // Metropolitan

If you're wondering where all the sketches have gone lately, there's a heap in my sketchbook. I just haven't had the time to digitise them x.x I really want to get a good quality scanner at some point soon; taking photos of everything doesn't really do traditional work much justice...

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The Whole World Belonged to Us - Sans Text

13 Jun 2014 // The Whole World Belonged to Us

So I finally finished my ink drawing! I actually finished it a few weeks ago, but I only just scanned it in this week. This is supposed to be a storybook illustration for a children's book - I was envisioning it to be the last page because I think the...

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10 Jun 2014 // Puffin Classics Book Project

For one of my assignments at college I had to design a product folder/info sheet package for a brand's product range. It was centred around typography and layout so it was kept pretty minimal. I thought it was a pretty good opportunity to do something fun, so I did mine...

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The White Rabbit

3 Jun 2014 // Alice in Wonderland: The White Rabbit

I've got so many designs/drawings planned which are hopefully coming up...soon. However I'm busy finishing off final assignments so that's been keeping my busy.  :mew: This is a line drawing I did for one of my assignments - we have to design a folder and some product info sheets for a...

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