4 Aug 2018 // Simplicity vs Functionality: hello Web 3.0

Warning: rant incoming How was that frontend hackathon? Awesome! We almost installed and configured webpack and babel -- a reddit user who I instantly related to ;_; Remember the days when all people could talk about were glossy buttons and CSS3 effects? Or when libraries like mootools were popular and...

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High tea wip

23 Apr 2014 // High Tea, WIP

Following on from my Breakfast themed drawing, I'm planning on doing a series of illustrations based on food collages and bluebirds.  :D This is a high tea one I've been working on....man I hate drawing leaves  :heh:  

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17 Jun 2013 // Back to Basics

Basics meaning...manual colouring and drawing in general.  ::o: Not that traditional media is easy by any means, just that it's more laboured and less...technical than digital art I guess. Well I hope you know what I mean. :} I haven't done much digital stuff recently because a lot of my assignments...

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At the edge of the abyss

22 Apr 2013 // At the edge of the abyss

WOO NEW BLOG!! I've been working for what seems like ages today - I finally have a little breather to do some things I want to do!!! This week is actually the second week of my break. However I did not foresee the amount of actual work projects I'd be doing this...

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1 Mar 2013 // Pinata

Yay I finally have time to blog again! I drew the above last week. We've had to do heaps of homework lately so I've been pretty busy but I really wanted to do something with a lot of sparkles and STUFF. This was actually based on a sketch I did...

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Momentary Static

9 Feb 2013 // Momentary Static

Ahhh a new drawing!! Yayyy....this is probably going to be the last drawing I do for a while though  :sweat: Well I am hoping to start on something else soon but I'm kinda busy now with other things  :WHAT: I guess if you didn't already know, I'm finally doing a...

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Cake Machine

24 Jan 2013 // Sugar and Spice and…everything bunnies like

March 2016 edit: HOLY CRAP. I just came across the mocked up website I made of this concept and it's actually...amazing. Sorry if you don't know what I'm talking about. Long story short, I made a complete website mockup years ago that I was going to use for a layout....

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27 Dec 2012 // Goodbye 2012 / Hello 2013!

Here's my art summary of 2012 - the good, the bad, and the in-between. 2012 has been a pretty big year for me, art-wise.  I've been doodling and drawing for years now, but 2012 has been the first year I've drawn consistently over a period of time. This time last year, I was...

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Hello Summer

20 Dec 2012 // Hello Summer <3

So I was practising drawing sand dunes the other day, because I'm really fascinated by empty landscapes. I just thought I'd try something a bit out of my comfort zone. I've had a few failures at drawing sand and deserts in general properly. :argh: So yeah, starting this was HARD....

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Organic Chemistry

12 Dec 2012 // Organic Chemistry

I started drawing this yesterday because I haven't really done something 'finished' in a while and I wanted to get something done. But I am actually really happy with this now - it's definitely me, and combines a lot of my ideas in one image, with science and nature! Who...

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3 Oct 2012 // Sunflower

Yayy I finally got around to uploading this! If you follow my DeviantART well you might have already seen this. I've been meaning to upload this for ages but I've been so busy ;_; For one, I've reedited all my main illustrations for viewing on the web. It was just...

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