I seem to have a tendency to always paint something relating to isolation which is kinda depressing in a way…but I swear it’s not something I really think about. It just happens. I actually have a lot of ideas and concepts swirling round all the time, and I know I could probably draw a fun fluffy piece with sparkles and kittens if I wanted to (actually that’s not a bad idea) but I find isolation is just something I like to explore. I like clarity, clean lines, minimalism, and all that jazz, so I guess it figures I’d go with a theme that goes along those lines. I’m more of an environments person than a portrait person; take me to a faraway fantastical place and I could live there for a few minutes.

Anyhow, I see this as part of a bigger concept with all my other related drawings, which is more about the journey of discovery. Discovering and contemplating things about yourself, appreciating the amazing minute details in everything, going which way the weather changes, being content with just being you. Vast and empty landscapes are what cats are to the internet – totally my thing.

Lonely Beach

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