My Dolphin USB Experience (it’s not pleasant)

I did a pretty stupid thing and bought the cheapest USB thumb drive possible at Woolworths (of all places to get a USB) by Dolphin…and paid for it twice over. :sweat: Yeah I know, I probably deserved it. But I thought I’d give an honest and really annoyed review based on my personal experience using it every day for the past month.

I guess this is where it pays to invest in a USB made by a company that is well known for it’s memory devices, although I was in a hurry and needed a USB to store all my documents at college. I think I paid around ~$30 for a $32 GB drive, which is actually not THAT cheap but you know…it was a no name brand I’d never heard of before and I figured I may as well try it out. BIG MISTAKE.

Firstly, as would be expected, the read/write speeds on these USBs are painfully slow. Copying a 100MB files to your desktop is ok I guess (although it could be better), but copying files ON to the USB takes forever, especially if it’s over 100MB. I was copying over a 120MB file and had to wait at least 5 minutes, which doesn’t sounds that long but is actually PRETTY FRICKIN SLOW compared to my other USBs. Oh and if you want to preview a JPG in Finder, that’ll probably take you a minute to wait for the USB to actually begin to read the file. In the meantime, it’ll just hang there and possibly freeze Finder.   :risweat: If you want to check out the files in a folder, that’ll take you another few minutes while the USB takes it’s sweet ol’ time to THINK. All I’m saying is this is one slow USB for doing anything really, and for all the storage space it has it’s actually kinda useless.

Not only are the write speeds horrific, the USB is extremely unreliable. I’ve lost at least 5 files on this thumb drive, either they just magically disappear from the folder or they just corrupt rendering them un-openable. At first I thought it was because I was opening files from the USB and editing them (yes I KNOW) so I started copying files to my desktop to edit them, then copied them back to the USB after saving. Did this solve the problem? NO. I lost FOLDERS of images and so many of my InDesign files and Illustrator files corrupted for no reason. One day they worked, the next they were just gone or reduced to 0kb.

That was just the first of many corrupted files. Not only were folders just missing content altogether, sometimes images would copy onto the drive halfway and then just stop. So images would appear on my USB as half downloaded files.

I now have a SanDisk USB and HALLELUJAH it’s so much faster than my old Dolphin one. And the stupidest thing of all my SanDisk USB was just $20 more expensive and it’s 64MB. :sweat: I don’t even trust saving anything to that Dolphin USB drive now, the funny thing is the package said ‘Gold plated USB for maximum speeds and efficiency’ or something along the lines of that. For all the good gold plating does it seems they’d have been better off investing in better R&D  ::/

Well that’s my rant over, I was going to keep this short but you know…I tend to rant a lot, especially about things that annoy me. I’m just so happy I don’t have to use that POS anymore.

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