Organic Chemistry

Organic Chemistry

I started drawing this yesterday because I haven’t really done something ‘finished’ in a while and I wanted to get something done. But I am actually really happy with this now – it’s definitely me, and combines a lot of my ideas in one image, with science and nature! Who else thinks this would make a really awesome album cover!!?!??!? For once I’ll go through the process because it’s pretty intense but I managed to save a few in-between shots. So if you’re interested in reading my long winded process (as always) read further!!

I sketched this idea out first while watching season 10 of Project Runway. That show is seriously so entertaining, it amazes me how people can make a full outfit in a day. In a way, it kinda inspired me to actually finish this because if someone can make an awesome dress in a day, I can make an awesome drawing. Good logic? XD

Anyhow, when I started this, I reallllly did not like it. I sketched it and left it for a bit because it was just so… UNINSPIRING. I was actually considering doing a full vector of this instead because it just wasn’t clicking in my head.'s a start’s a start

I obviously changed a lot in the final image. I never used to sketch ideas before drawing them digitally though, and I’m really glad I’ve added that to my process because I think things have come out better from it. For the most part.

So after staring at the sketch for a long time, I then started drawing the heart frame in SAI, but I just couldn’t get the heart looking symmetrical using freehand lines (which was really annoying me). So I switched to Illustrator to get a very precise vector frame. Oh and I also killed two birds with one stone and added in the text while I was at it. The font is Ostrich Sans if anyone was interested.


I then saved the vectors in a psd and drew the rest in SAI…realising along the way I’d need to make a lot of changes to my original sketch XD I think my favourite part of this is actually the science side of the heart. The nature was all pretty fun to draw but once I got going drawing the test tubes and stuff it actually started to look good. I also changed the heart frame to a dark brown. It originally started red but it just did not look good with neon..and other colours in general.

I had to research chemistry equipment and stuff when drawing this because I actually have no idea how complex chemistry experiments are set up. Not that this was supposed to be THAT realistic but I wanted to get at least the equipment accurate-ish. Once I’d drawn most of the image in SAI, I switched it up to Photoshop to touch up a few things and add effects. I think SAI is so BRILLIANT for drawing and painting in general. But seriously, nothing will come close to Photoshop (for a while anyway XD) when it comes to touching up images and adding the OMGYES effects.


You might also notice I changed the neon string on the left to the neon dots on the right. I had a hard time deciding what looked better but I really had to get rid of the neon string because I felt it was competing for attention with the main central illustrations … which was not my intention. So after a bit of feedback and redoing the lights I’m now pretty happppy. :) I don’t usually feel this way about a lot of my designs but I really want to see this printed on like a shirt or a tote bag. Typography isn’t really my strong point at all but I think the font was just really well made too :) I dunno maybe I’ll experiment with more type-based stuff in the future.

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