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Puffin Classics Book Project

For one of my assignments at college I had to design a product folder/info sheet package for a brand's product range. It was centred around typography and layout so it was kept pretty minimal. I thought it was a pretty...
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Alice in Wonderland: The White Rabbit

I've got so many designs/drawings planned which are hopefully coming up...soon. However I'm busy finishing off final assignments so that's been keeping my busy.  :mew: This is a line drawing I did for one of my assignments - we have to...
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There and Back Again – Hobbit fanart

You may have seen this on my DeviantART page a few weeks ago - it's taken me a while to get around to posting this here! :risweat: I was really in the mood to draw something Tolkien inspired when I...
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The Mysterious Island

YAY I finally get time to upload and blog about this!! I've been working on an assignment all day (a freakin one minute stop motion project....GAHHHHHHH I'm so bad at videos I'll probably have to redo it because my frame...
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