Hobbit Arpakasso

27 Jun 2014 // Hobbit Arpakasso on a Mini Adventure…in the house

Another little arpakasso drawing for my bf who loves Tolkien and Arpakasso.  :riface: I know I keep switching up styles here....but I like trying a bit of everything. :) I like how clean and minimal this looks though; I never really liked using dark line art to begin with but...

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Arpakasso High Five

21 May 2014 // Ka-Pow Arpakasso

My bf's arpakasso and my baby arpakasso high fiving. C: Lost sleep last night because I was doing some traditional painting and was failing horribly....so I did this to make myself feel better.  :D Love messing round with retro styles so may experiment more with this technique in future!

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28 Sep 2013 // Chocolate Cereal Sundae // Recipe

Something I sketched up yesterday. I was just experimenting with some brushes and decided to draw a recipe card for something I used to eat a lot of! Of course this is way more over the top but you get the idea. I definitely want to do more of these...

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20 Jun 2013 // Reflection / Business cards / The things you find while cleaning…

So I suppose I'll start with what I always start with - ART. <3 I drew this late at night for fun; I really needed a break from work so...yeah. I was really inspired by photos of salt flats, so I wanted to capture that mood somehow. Getting the pose...

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14 Jan 2013 // Campfire Songs – Calendar 2013

Well I said in my last post I was making a calendar for myself....HERE IT IS^^^  :heh: Oh mah gawd. Hallelujah this is finished; I can't wait to work on something new. Can you believe I started this drawing out with THIS: [caption id="attachment_3818" align="aligncenter" width="438"] AHAHA why yes this...

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Christmas 2012

24 Dec 2012 // Merry Christmas my lovelies!!! ??-?-??

It's Christmas Eve (can you believe the year is nearly over?!) And it's sunny and warm here  :XD: Soo I decided to draw a little penguin family having a Christmas bbq in Summer. Coz you know...snow and deers and santa costumes has kinda been done. So what more do you...

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