The Gunslinger

22 Sep 2013 // The Gunslinger

I'm blogging at last!! It feels like forever. I've been meaning to write about so much stuff but life has has seemed to have gotten in the way the past few weeks. :sweat: Not today though! I was driving through the outskirts of Perth today, and I just felt so...

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Christmas 2012

24 Dec 2012 // Merry Christmas my lovelies!!! ??-?-??

It's Christmas Eve (can you believe the year is nearly over?!) And it's sunny and warm here  :XD: Soo I decided to draw a little penguin family having a Christmas bbq in Summer. Coz you know...snow and deers and santa costumes has kinda been done. So what more do you...

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Hello Summer

20 Dec 2012 // Hello Summer <3

So I was practising drawing sand dunes the other day, because I'm really fascinated by empty landscapes. I just thought I'd try something a bit out of my comfort zone. I've had a few failures at drawing sand and deserts in general properly. :argh: So yeah, starting this was HARD....

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24 Mar 2012 // Desertopia

And so here we have another drawing! I think my goal of updating this website once a week is going pretty well so far. As you might know I like drawing deserts and vast landscapes. I was really tempted to draw a penguin in this, but I decided that was...

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