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ED-E the ever adorable packhorse

Testing out some new brushes..so yeah a bit of a style change. Experimenting is funnnn. You know that feeling when you know you've stumbled on something good and just want to keep using it forever? I love these brushes -...
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Bigby Wolf / Fables

I was in the mood to do something graphic and comic inspired so I did part of this last night and finished this today. I don't really know why I haven't done any Fables fan art yet; it's one of my favourite series...
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Fallout: New Vegas tribute ; Wacom Intuos5 review!

Yep I drew a fanart, around Fallout: New Vegas. I know I just about never do fanart, but I wanted to test out my new tablet (I'm reviewing the Wacom Intuos5 further down the post- if you just want to skip to that, click here,...
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[singlepic id=1266 w=300 float=center] I drew this for a contest on DeviantArt last week - kinda rushed it because I forgot about it then realised the deadline was in a few days  :sweat: But the deadline's now been extended so...
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Sugar and Spice and…everything bunnies like

March 2016 edit: HOLY CRAP. I just came across the mocked up website I made of this concept and it's actually...amazing. Sorry if you don't know what I'm talking about. Long story short, I made a complete website mockup years...
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