9 May 2014 // Diamonds for Breakfast

Following on from yesterday's theme....I did a cleaned up version which I was going to turn into a pattern, but decided I liked it as is more. Pretty simple but that's the way I like it. I'm envisioning this as a future album cover for some really awesome band that...

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21 Apr 2014 // Time for tea

Totally messed this up....but I guess I could always redo it further down the track if I wanted.  :x_X:

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19 Apr 2014 // Smooth Sailing

~ Smooth Sailing; QOTSA  :hee:

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Comfort Zone

18 Apr 2014 // Comfort Zone

Ughh I HATE scanning/shooting/editing traditional art for the screen, because traditional stuff always looks 1000000x better in real life. Photoshop just seems to make everything traditional a contrasty mess which I hate :sweat:  Ie sigh.

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