Star Crossed

6 Jan 2016 // The Last of 2015

And here we have the final illustrations of 2015... Gah I'm so rusty. I was going through all my digital illsutrations for 2015 and I wish I did more. I was really busy with end of year projects last year which took up a lot of my time...but let's see...

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5 Jan 2015 // Happy 2015!

I know it's kinda late but I still have to post some art I haven't uploaded on here yet. So the first thing I draw in 2015 happens to be a 2015 poster - something a bit different from what I usually do but hey why not try something new.

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25 Sep 2014 // Aliens

Haha yeah I said there would be more to come didn't I? I actually have had this sketched out for ages, just finished rendering it tonight. I wanted to do something cute and fun so what better thing to draw than aliens and ufos. :3 I've had this thing with...

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Foxy Islands

18 Sep 2014 // Foxy Islands Pattern

A pattern I drew last night - experimenting more with some new(ish) techniques. I actually really like how this turned out! I think this would look really good as a textile...or wallpaper....or on a bag...haha. I definitely want to do more patterns in this style too. I have heaps of ideas...

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Clouds in her eyes, Stars on her mind

8 Jul 2014 // Clouds in her eyes, Stars on her mind

I've had this concept floating around for a while, it just took a while to get the right composition.  :sweat: I was inspired by Henri Privat-Livemont's Absinthe poster, and wanted to do more things with fluffy plumes of clouds after doing the Alice Nouveau poster. I'm actually really happy with how...

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Momentary Static

9 Feb 2013 // Momentary Static

Ahhh a new drawing!! Yayyy....this is probably going to be the last drawing I do for a while though  :sweat: Well I am hoping to start on something else soon but I'm kinda busy now with other things  :WHAT: I guess if you didn't already know, I'm finally doing a...

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Cake Machine

24 Jan 2013 // Sugar and Spice and…everything bunnies like

March 2016 edit: HOLY CRAP. I just came across the mocked up website I made of this concept and it's actually...amazing. Sorry if you don't know what I'm talking about. Long story short, I made a complete website mockup years ago that I was going to use for a layout....

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Year 0000

14 Apr 2012 // Year 0000

You might remember an illustration I did a while back for the shit blog. Well I found another illustration I could clean up and here it is. Yep more cloudy clouds. And more smokey smoke. The idea behind this is that the dinosaur wanted to go forward in time but...

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Bathtub Dreams

17 Mar 2012 // Bathtub Dreams

I feel really bad for abandoning this blog for so long, I drew this picture to make up for some of the time I spent away  O:) As you can tell I've been spending more time messing around in Photoshop with the colours and stuff, and I honestly don't know...

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Broken Hearts

15 Mar 2012 // Broken Hearts

I know I promised weekly updates - here is the start of a few of them. I've been messing around with textures and colours with illustrations and I like the effects so far. I'm kind of a Photoshop newb when it comes to colours though so I'm just feeling my...

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