14 Jul 2014 // A Yeti Typical Day

So I drew a yeti eating a snowcone, relaxing in a wood fire cabin during a snow storm listening to classical music.  B)

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8 Jul 2014 // Intermission I

This song seems to sound so much better after midnight.

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22 Apr 2014 // Don’t be so amazing

Lime Tree; one of my fave Bright Eyes lyrics~

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10 Jun 2013 // Disco Fever / A Penguin’s Big Adventure

So it's been a while since I've completed much art for the sake of I've decided to post some things I've done for my last few assignments for the term. For this assignment, we had to pick a music era and do a graphic illustration for a double page...

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8 Apr 2013 // Escape

Ahaha yeshh very original... :sweat: I know this blog is a long time coming but I've just been so busy with other things :( Forgive me. I drew this a few weeks ago, and was experimenting with a minimal colour palette. We've been learning a lot about composition and colours...

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Hello Summer

20 Dec 2012 // Hello Summer <3

So I was practising drawing sand dunes the other day, because I'm really fascinated by empty landscapes. I just thought I'd try something a bit out of my comfort zone. I've had a few failures at drawing sand and deserts in general properly. :argh: So yeah, starting this was HARD....

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Seashell Music

26 Oct 2012 // Seashell Music

So I also drew this a few weeks ago but just had a chance to upload it to my blog then. Sorrryy....*-* You can follow my DeviantART and Facebook profiles for more frequent updates!! The reason it takes me so long to blog about my drawings is because I want...

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