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Glitch II

I wanted to redo the glitchy concept I did a while ago, but in a different style. This actually didn't take me that long to do but I'm much happier with how it turned out.  :yey: I have this thing with drawing...
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Sketched this out ages ago, but only just finished it today. I reworked a lot of it which is why this took so long to complete, particularly the colours because of my horrible indecisiveness. I had loads of fun creating the topography...
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Keep it Peachy

This pretty much sums up my life motto.  :rihappy: Actually, I have a poster I got from Frankie that's on my wall with this same phrase, and a cute peach with a bow tie...and it's so simple but so adorably inspiring. I'm a sucker...
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Tea Time Poesy

I finished this illustration today....after hours of working on it late at night T__T :zz:  I've been really into kitschy stuff lately so I've decided to continue the trend with a series of food themed illustrations, with bluebirds.  :love: I have a...
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Beauty, Forever

So in an effort to make this blog more active, I'm going to start posting stuff from my sketchbooks here more often. I recently had this urge to do a lot more hand drawn stuff and it's amazing how liberating it feels. Just the feeling of...
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