What Once Was

16 Dec 2014 // What Once Was…

Late night drawing I did last night when I had no internet  :WHAT: The things you can do when the distractions aren't around...haah. Based on an old sketch I had lying around.

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24 Sep 2014 // 01101100011010010110011001100101

Oh my goodd this took a while for me to do..not just to figure out colours but to nail down a concept. I had half a concept going at one stage with the background, but finishing it off proved harder than I thought. I'm quite happy with the outcome though,...

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17 Sep 2014 // ED-E the ever adorable packhorse

Testing out some new brushes..so yeah a bit of a style change. Experimenting is funnnn. You know that feeling when you know you've stumbled on something good and just want to keep using it forever? I love these brushes - just need to find the best way to use them. Anyway...

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18 Jul 2014 // Petals

I was going to do this in watercolour today, but decided to do it digitally instead. I really like using strokes and lines at the moment, although I drew this concept quite a while ago. Feels good to actually finish it! Based off the robot I drew ages ago (haha looking...

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Where the land meets the sky

20 Sep 2012 // This is what happens when…

...you draw from a wildly absurd imagination wanting to do 10000 different things at once: I had high hopes for this drawing. But I think this could have gone a LOT better. This was really another experimental piece though, because I wanted to try a few things out and I...

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