Star Crossed

6 Jan 2016 // The Last of 2015

And here we have the final illustrations of 2015... Gah I'm so rusty. I was going through all my digital illsutrations for 2015 and I wish I did more. I was really busy with end of year projects last year which took up a lot of my time...but let's see...

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What Once Was

16 Dec 2014 // What Once Was…

Late night drawing I did last night when I had no internet  :WHAT: The things you can do when the distractions aren't around...haah. Based on an old sketch I had lying around.

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13 Jun 2014 // Metropolitan

If you're wondering where all the sketches have gone lately, there's a heap in my sketchbook. I just haven't had the time to digitise them x.x I really want to get a good quality scanner at some point soon; taking photos of everything doesn't really do traditional work much justice...

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The Whole World Belonged to Us - Sans Text

13 Jun 2014 // The Whole World Belonged to Us

So I finally finished my ink drawing! I actually finished it a few weeks ago, but I only just scanned it in this week. This is supposed to be a storybook illustration for a children's book - I was envisioning it to be the last page because I think the...

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20 Jun 2013 // Reflection / Business cards / The things you find while cleaning…

So I suppose I'll start with what I always start with - ART. <3 I drew this late at night for fun; I really needed a break from work so...yeah. I was really inspired by photos of salt flats, so I wanted to capture that mood somehow. Getting the pose...

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Cake Machine

24 Jan 2013 // Sugar and Spice and…everything bunnies like

March 2016 edit: HOLY CRAP. I just came across the mocked up website I made of this concept and it's actually...amazing. Sorry if you don't know what I'm talking about. Long story short, I made a complete website mockup years ago that I was going to use for a layout....

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14 Jan 2013 // Campfire Songs – Calendar 2013

Well I said in my last post I was making a calendar for myself....HERE IT IS^^^  :heh: Oh mah gawd. Hallelujah this is finished; I can't wait to work on something new. Can you believe I started this drawing out with THIS: [caption id="attachment_3818" align="aligncenter" width="438"] AHAHA why yes this...

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Drink the Sky

19 Nov 2012 // Drink the Sky

I've been drawing a lot of clouds recently, some of which are above! This drawing is just one of the things I've been working on lately, and I'm actually pretty happy with how it turned out. It might not be the most detailed or the most technically amazing but when...

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Where the land meets the sky

20 Sep 2012 // This is what happens when… draw from a wildly absurd imagination wanting to do 10000 different things at once: I had high hopes for this drawing. But I think this could have gone a LOT better. This was really another experimental piece though, because I wanted to try a few things out and I...

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