if zine #1

16 Sep 2015 // if zine #1 + more!

Would it surprise you to know I haven't actually completed an illustration for over two months now....crazy right. It's not really because I haven't been inspired to draw anything. It's just that the last few weeks of college are so busy I haven't had much time to do much else...

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if zine

15 Apr 2015 // Oh look what I found

I just found this on my hard drive, I don't think I uploaded it here...or anywhere for that matter. There is a lot of stuff I don't upload here because it's just too embarrassing. This was one of those college assignments you love to hate...I don't have a passion for...

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5 Sep 2014 // I wanna be your vacuum cleaner

Such a great lyric.

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The Whole World Belonged to Us - Sans Text

13 Jun 2014 // The Whole World Belonged to Us

So I finally finished my ink drawing! I actually finished it a few weeks ago, but I only just scanned it in this week. This is supposed to be a storybook illustration for a children's book - I was envisioning it to be the last page because I think the...

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Cloudy City

29 May 2014 // Cloudy City

Ink experimentation...damn I love using blues and purples. I also used silver marker in this but yeah, it quite obviously smudged with the white pen I also used. Bad idea all round. I love the watery effect of the clouds in this, but I could have probably controlled the shapes...

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17 Jun 2013 // Back to Basics

Basics meaning...manual colouring and drawing in general.  ::o: Not that traditional media is easy by any means, just that it's more laboured and less...technical than digital art I guess. Well I hope you know what I mean. :} I haven't done much digital stuff recently because a lot of my assignments...

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