The World (and a sketch update)

Oh gosh I’ve been so busy doing assignments lately I haven’t really had time to draw or even sketch for myself. :sweat: I’m working several things at once and most include some sort of drawing so you know…it kinda takes it outta you. I actually do have a lot more sketches I haven’t posted here but it’s only because I want to finish them off with gouache/watercolours. The above sketch is just part of my final A3 layout I’m working on for my illustration class (which will be done in inks at some point soon!). Looking forward to seeing how it’ll turn out (it’ll be my first time using liquid watercolours..eek).

I’m also working on a photo-realistic image in Illustrator which is taking FOREVER. It’s fun seeing how you can get really good results using just vectors to create a photo realistic drawing, but I honestly don’t see why you’d ever need to do it unless you wanted to reproduce it x10000 times bigger for an ad or something.  :argh: Photo-realism isn’t really my thing either so yeah…it’s…challenging. I chose to do a bird and surprisingly doing the background is going a lot harder than doing the actual bird….but we’ll get there. Eventually.

I also finished my book cover design! Based on that poster I drew a few weeks ago.  :0

If I ever published a book it’d probably look something like this. Minimalistic, clean, golden all round.

Book Cover Design

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