Oh my goodd this took a while for me to do..not just to figure out colours but to nail down a concept. I had half a concept going at one stage with the background, but finishing it off proved harder than I thought.

I’m quite happy with the outcome though, and I’m really happy with the concept too.  :squee: So yes, I’m really glad I pushed through the ‘omg wtf am I doing’ stage.

I didn’t even plan on drawing a robot but when I was doing the sketch it looked too much like a robot and it also fit in more with the whole theme. ^^ And that’s really all I have to say about that….

I’m planning on doing a whole series of patterns soon (like my fox one). I had way too much fun doing it so I figure I might as well make a few in the same style so it’s not so lonely.  :0 Hopefully a lot more to come soon!


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