A big update of drawings!

So I have a bit of updating to do … if you follow me on DeviantART you have probably already seen these. Sorry for taking so long to update them here on the blog – it’s just so easy to upload images onto DeviantART and forget about them ;_; But here they all are now – my newest drawings! :3

 Ice Cream Mountains

Ice Cream Mountains

This is my most recent drawing and was just something I wanted to get done. It was one of those concepts which has been on my to-do list for quite a while, so I worked on it a few days ago between bouts of Theme Hospital (nearly finished the game, YAY). Working with colours in this was kinda hard; mainly because there was just so much stuff going on. It really is a simple concept but drawing it and making the colours look right was a different story. I think I really need to learn more about colour theory because I’m sure I could put a lot of that knowledge into future drawings!

Oh well, as long as I’m learning and improving I guess. Drawing the ‘clouds’ in this was hard too, because I didn’t want it to detract from seeing the actual mountains. My initial sketch had a lot more cloud cover than this XD Ah well, drawing with candy colours was nice! Ooh I also tried using Photoshop’s mixer brush in this. Great idea, but it would be nice if it didn’t lag so much on higher resolutions ;_; Especially when using their special brush options. If it was less laggy I could imagine myself using it a lot more, mainly because Photoshop can do a lot more textures than SAI. But right now, I think I’ll leave the mixer brush out of the equation.

I started with a vector for this because if you know me, you know I love minimalistic shapes and clean, precise lines. I attempted to give the ice cream some sort of texture but kinda gave up in the end. It just didn’t look right! I had heaps of fun drawing the snowy bokeh though, it’s probably my favourite thing in this drawing  :D

Paper Planes & Cardboard Skies

Paper Planes and Cloudy Skies

So I finally caught up to all episodes of Mad Men (OMFGG SEASON 5 = AMAZING) and drew the above while watching it all. On a sidenote, I posted a photo on facebook a few days ago of my new workspace:

My deskop!

Yep. It’s a PC and an iMac WORKING TOGETHER with one keyboard and mouse. I know, isn’t it amazing? The iMac isn’t new; I got it dirt cheap from UWA’s Computer Science department who were selling them to make room for new ones. The one thing that’s kinda weird to me is the sheer difference in how images/videos look on macs and PCs. I dunno, to me, Apple screens look really…bright. And they show a lot more detail. But I guess having both of the screens side by side is also good because I can see how an image compares on a bright screen and a darker one. Pretty sure both my screens are calibrated too! Anyhow, if you are interested in trying this set up and have a Mac and PC, I’m using Synergy to move between desktops.

Back to the drawing! I wanted to try a different composition than just a regular ol’ rectangle. So i divvied up the panels and painted the clouds separately in each panel. The clouds definitely took the longest, only because I was being really fussy and couldn’t decide which style looked better. I ended up cleaning up the edges of each cloud because as I said earlier…I can’t get away from the simplicity of clean-ish lines. This drawing took forever for me to finish too, because I couldn’t work out the composition. Initially it was just going to be paper planes. Then I changed it to one big newspaper plane. Then settled on a love heart balloon. XD Lesson learned – always plan drawings fully in advance.  :whistle:

A Picnic in Space

Space Picnic

I drew this a while ago, but tbh I don’t really like it. It was supposed to be another drawing to go with Alone Together, but I didn’t do a base sketch and totally messed up the composition in this. Which is annoying because in my head, it looked freakin AMAZING. I spent the most time working on the space background, and I’m kinda happy with it, but I’ve actually learnt how to draw better ones than that now. I might write up a tutorial later for how to draw seamless star backgrounds because it’s actually really easy and really fun. :)

But yeah colours in this was a pain. The space took ages. Everything…was a challenge. I knew halfway through it would end up looking..not the best. But I had to finish it. So I rushed drawing the people and the food. XD All in all, drawing this was actually really discouraging. But I’m over it now and see it as a stepping stone to greater things. ;D

Well that’s about it for now. I was thinking I’ll probably do a complete timeline later in December of all the drawings I’ve done this year. It’s not really been that long but it’s the first time I’ve drawn consistently for a while, ever since I started using the tablet my friend gave me!! Seriously, tablets are amazing. It took a while to get used to, but now I can’t imagine drawing digitally without one. <3

Well let me know what you think about the drawings! And if you have any suggestions for awesome apps for the Mac let me know. ;D A lot of my old ones don’t work on Mountain Lion anymore. :(

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