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I’ve been having a pretty lazy break so far, so I decided to do something slightly productive and post some work I’ve been working on the past few weeks for college. There’s quite a bit to I’ve been working on last term but I’m pretty happy with how some of the things came out. :)

One of our main assignments last term was to make a paper sculpture abstracted from an organic fruit/vegetable. This is actually for a packaging unit but I think we did it to get started in seeing how paper can be used in different ways…or how shapes can be constructed using simple folding and cutting. At the same time, doing this assignment has made me realise just how different it is to think in a 3D perspective as opposed to 2D. It’s actually surprisingly hard to get your head around (yes, I thought this was going to be super easy when I first saw the brief)/  :risweat:

I chose to do a sculpture inspired by the fennel, mainly because I thought the vegetable had an interesting shape and I’d never really eaten one before! We had to do sketches of the object inside and out, and at different angles as well.

Mine took quite a while to do – at least 4 to 5 hours actually, because fennels have so many lines (and leaves!) and I liked shading my sketches as well.  ^]^

Fennel - Sketches

After our sketches, we had to sketch out a lot of concepts and pick the best three we liked to develop further. I eventually settled on doing something pretty easy and simple to do – mainly because paper folding and crafting is not really my strong point. We had to do some paper folding exercises and stuff for this class which was surprisingly hard to get right  .__. It’s kind of like origami but I didn’t realise how complicated paper folding could get. I mean you’d think making a paper sculpture would be easy because it’s paper.

Anyway, after all that we eventually had to construct a draft sculpture out of cartridge paper. And once that was approved we could do our final out of coloured paper! It was a mission and I felt so bad for wasting so much paper. I initially wanted to do an octagonal prism thing with layers going inwards but it is so hard to construct one of those things evenly and cleanly.  ;_; I tried making one from a template I found online too and it was just…nightmarish (even with tape lol). I don’t really know how people do it.

The next photos are of my final sculpture:

Fennel - Final Sculpture

I like how the layers turned out (winged cutting those haha) and I actually do like the contrast between the rounded back layers and the spiky inner leaves. I really like the colours I found too.  :yay: We had to buy our own paper though, and I used scrapbook paper for the green leaves which were pretty cheap. But the paper for the back leaves were ridiculously expensive (nearly $5 a sheet). They were Canson brand from Jacksons, and I pretty much used an entire two (A1?) sheets for this.  :risweat: I don’t know if you can see it well in the photos but there’s a subtle light and dark colour difference in the leaves at the back – which is intentional.

Another thing we’ve been working on in another unit is drawing weird stuff. Well it’s actually for ‘critical thinking’ which I did a lot of at uni, so doing this unit is actually not that hard for me. The thing I find hard all the time though is putting my ideas into practise…like I feel like I have a lot of concepts and ideas I could use, but drawing it out is another story.  :ok:

There are a lot of sketches and other things we’re doing for this unit, which I’ll most likely show you all at the end of year! But these are just a few of the finished ones I’ve done so far:

[singlepic id=1279 w=750 float=center]

 [singlepic id=1281 w=750 float=center]

These paintings started out as sketches we did using ‘synectics’ – that is joining two things together that don’t normally go together. I’m not that great at explaining things. T_T But we were given a list of things and we had to come up with concepts by joining an adjective with an object. I came up with a heap of ideas but the two I wanted to do was Drowned Diary and Surreal Picture (above). I’m not that good at watercolours (I plan on practising more) but I thought my concepts would look better as a painting than a line drawing.

We didn’t actually have to develop it too much and we only had to do one final, but we’re making a book of all our work at the end of the year so I figured I’d try make my final pieces look as good as they can be. I wasn’t going to make the Surreal Picture 3D-ish but I had some foam squares and figured they’d look better that way. :hearts: I really want to do another line drawing for another final piece later next term if I have time!

Another part of the assignment was taking an ordinary object and turning it into weird things using different techniques (below):

Toaster Oven Sketches

I started sketching using a ref for a glue gun. I did like some of the concepts I came up with but I then started drawing using a toaster oven, and because it was a much nicer shape it was easier to get better looking results (in my opinion)  c:

I did the above in liners and copic markers, although it was all on cartridge paper which was bad for the markers. XD I redrew the truck because I botched the ‘aquarium’, but it didn’t turn out particularly that great so I probably won’t post it here.  :kozz: I did a digital painting of the toasterfly though! I didn’t intend for it to be really detailed so it’s pretty rough… but I kinda like it that way:

[singlepic id=1282 w=750 float=center]

It’s kinda weird though, like hardly anyone in my class really knows much about digital art. I guess it’s kind of a niche area of design/art in general but even all the teachers are a bit old school, in that everything is hand drawn initially before taking it to the computer (if we’re even allowed to do that). I don’t find the computer classes too hard because I’ve self taught myself a lot of the functions already (or I vaguely know the principles so picking up the new techniques is easy). I did pick up some handy tips in Photoshop I didn’t know about before though; we spent some time using channels which I hadn’t used much. A lot of the Photoshop exercises we did were based on photo retouching though which was interesting,  but since I don’t really need to do much photo retouching anyway it’s not really something I can see myself using a lot of in the future (but definitely handy to know anyway)!

One last thing I’ve been working on more recently is a magnification assignment – we had to use magnification to effect on a drawing. I had a lot of concepts for this one (many of them were minification however…kept getting so confused!) and eventually chose to do a huge TV apartment block. I would post the lined sketch I did first but it’s with my teacher at the moment, so I may update this post later with it. But over the break, I decided to try do it digitally because I thought I’d be able to get a lot more detail that way.

I spent time in Photoshop starting it out in grayscale….but after spending way too long sketching it all out I decided to switch to another style instead. As you can see…this version didn’t turn out very good:

Apartment TV Fail

…uhhh yeah….I dunno I had a vague idea in my head of what I wanted it to look like but I think my colour handling and drawing skills in general is just way too noobish for this right now. So I decided to switch to a simpler technique instead.

Apartment TV V. 2

Well I guess it’s a different vibe but at least it’s easier to see stuff. Eh. Not my best work…may try to redraw this in the future when I’m better (and more inspired lol)!  :rihm:

Fennel Sculpture

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