At the edge of the abyss

WOO NEW BLOG!! I’ve been working for what seems like ages today – I finally have a little breather to do some things I want to do!!! This week is actually the second week of my break. However I did not foresee the amount of actual work projects I’d be doing this week. The good news is I’ve finished most of my college work so that’s all good…although I’m planning on doing a bit more tomorrow. Good thing it’s break time at the moment though otherwise I’d be swamped. I actually really wanted to finish Lonesome Road in Fallout:NV sometime this week but looks like that’s not really happening lol. :sweat: Too many things getting in the way…which I suppose is a good thing but also means I get to have a less relaxing break.  :argh:

So anyway I finished off this painting last week- I really wanted to paint that in the zone moment you get when you’re working on something with full concentration. I did take aggees drawing the clouds…well actually everything in this generally took a while. I was working on this in between doing college work so it was kinda hard to fully concentrate on this for long periods of time IRONICALLY. I went through so many different final versions of this because of the glare at the top. I don’t know if it’s my monitor or just my crappy editing skills in general but there was this ugly white contrasty patch which kept showing up and annoying me in the saved file. So I had to keep going over and over and over it until I finally got it to look somewhat decent.

I’m working on another painting at the moment but to be honest I don’t really know where it’s going. It started out as an exercise drawing a beach but I kinda wanted to turn it into something…more.  T__T Been trying to work on it for days now but it hasn’t really gone anywhere. Hopefully I’ll find some inspiration soon.  :uhh:

Actually I might try work on it right now. Because I’m staring at it right now and it is really annoying me  :heh:

On one last note I want to add a few more tutorials and stuff here. I dunno, something which might actually help people and make this site a bit more interesting, lol. :} Not that I don’t think my blog is already amazingly captivating already, hah. But if there is something you would like to see from me let me know.

Ooh I also ordered business cards for myself! I really should have gotten some AGES ago but never got around to it because I can procrastinate a lot. But I decided since I’m getting more work in I might as well order a few. I ordered two sets – some mini cards for this blog with some illustrations at the back and a set of 50 good ones for my business website, Meep Media. To be honest I haven’t really advertised Meep anywhere or told many people so this is the probably the first you’ll hear about it! But I will be working on it a lot more in future.

I love this website and all, and I was actually just thinking of using this website for professional work too, but I feel like this is more like my personal space to rant and share my creative journey. So Meep will really just be my business page/design portfolio. I’m pretty rusty when it comes to designing websites though so that’s another thing on the growing list of things for me to do!

On ANOTHER sidenote, I finally was able to get responsive videos on this site!! Thanks to the Responsive Video Light plugin. :D  Done in less than five minutes. Another reason why I friggin love WordPress.  :love:

At the edge of the abyss

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