My love/hate relationship with social media, and other life updates

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Hello! How are you fellow reader? It's been a long minute and I've missed blogging on here. I've had so much general stuff going on this year it's been hard to even keep track of what I've been accomplishing so I will attempt to update you all. :yay: If you don't already know, I started a web dev blog. It is called and I started it this year as...

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4 Jan 2019 //

2018: my retrospective

Contrary to what many people say, I feel like this year went quite slowly, mainly because so much has been happening and I think I did quite a lot, personally and professionally. And now it's finally nearly 2019! I mostly had a pretty good year; it was definitely a year...

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7 Dec 2018 //

My thoughts about WordPress 5.0 and the new editor

I gotta say, right off the bat, the editing  experience on this is way, way, way nicer than using the old editor. I had my doubts Wordpress team, but for the rushed timeline, frantic feedback, and confusing timelines, I am actually quite impressed with how everything is working so far. It...

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25 Nov 2018 //

What’s been happening

It's that time of year again...! It feels weird to be blogging again after such a long time. I don't even really know where to start. I realise this site has been languishing - I haven't posted anything new in ages and I haven't even done much art or anything...

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