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6 Mar 2017 //


So recently, I decided to try go vegetarian until Easter. It's not so much a religious thing but really as an experiment to see if I can go without meat for an extended period of time. The point being, I really want to start living more ethically and that means...

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Happy 2017
12 Feb 2017 //

Happy Year of the Rooster

Better late than never! This was a late night sketch that I sorta kinda like now. The scribbly background was the result of a very late night and general frustration at not being able to get it to look right...I think the messiness kinda adds to it though. 2017 has...

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7 Jan 2017 //

2016 obligatory wrap up

It's that time of year again. Where we salute to another revolution of the earth and look forward to bigger and hopefully better things in the next year. Overall, 2016 was a bit of a game changer. In the sense that everything kinda of just fell apart then fell into place...

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The grad show
9 Sep 2016 //

Hello again!

So...yeah. That hiatus went way longer than expected. Sorry about that  :risweat: I honestly thought it would take me a month, tops to get my site up and running again. Turns out things happen and time just flies by way too quick. This year has been absolutely cray and I...

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31 May 2016 //

A real human being

Late night zone out time. I really want to re-watch Drive now.

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Designing JT V X
27 Mar 2016 //


Just a screencap of the design before I made a billion tiny changes. Ok a lot of changes. Gaaahh.

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12 Jan 2016 //


Sanguine; originally meaning bloody, now also a word used to describe having an optimistic outlook on things. I love the contrast in the word's meaning, and the association of blood red to confidence and cheerfulness. Doesn't that seem kind of dichotomous somehow? I sketched out a concept a few months ago, and it started completely...

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Star Crossed
6 Jan 2016 //

The Last of 2015

And here we have the final illustrations of 2015... Gah I'm so rusty. I was going through all my digital illsutrations for 2015 and I wish I did more. I was really busy with end of year projects last year which took up a lot of my time...but let's see...

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