Campfire Songs – Calendar 2013

Well I said in my last post I was making a calendar for myself….HERE IT IS^^^  :heh:

Oh mah gawd. Hallelujah this is finished; I can’t wait to work on something new. Can you believe I started this drawing out with THIS:

AHAHA why yes this is what it first looked like.
AHAHA why yes this is what it first looked like.

Yeah…I know. HOW?!?! I … don’t know. I had really wanted to draw a campfire scene for a while but after New Year’s I was feeling a bit uninspired. So I just slapped a few colours MS Paint style on a canvas in Photoshop…and magically 1238210832143 days later it became an actual proper calendar/drawing.  c:

Heh. Yeah if only drawing digitally was that easy :P I had a looonng process for this…would probably bore you all to tears. I am seriously thinking of learning how to use SketchUp though as a base for future drawings, especially architectural structures. I’m usually pretty bad at perspective but I dunno, using a 3D software program could potentially fix all those perspective issues for me, *if* I learn how to use it. I’ve used 3D programs before though and I am actually horrible at 3D in general so it’d probably take me a while to learn how to use it XD I don’t think I drew the treehouse *that* bad in this, but I also think it could be better. A lot better.

This is also probably also the most figures I’ve ever drawn together at once. I was kinda inspired by the Animals of Farthing Wood, man I miss that show! I dunno, I like drawings with a lot of details but when I draw I think I tend to keep things simple and … easy to observe? I just like space in general, and overcrowding is always something I look out for whenever I draw. I’d planned to include even more animals in this but decided it’d probably look like an overload of furballs.  .__.

If you were wondering, the girl is playing a soprano ukulele! Similar to the one I have and need to practise on more :D I love ukuleles, they’re just so CUTE and fun to play too. ^v^ Drawing the hands in this was a pain as usual, I need to definitely work on those more this year. And depth and landscapes and well everything in general really….. I actually really liked drawing the treehouse though, which is why I want to learn how to model basic buildings in 3D software…because drawing architecture is actually really fun.

I used InDesign to make the calendar, the numbers were originally in the smallest font ever but I decided to make it a lot bigger once I realised I would have no space to fit all the days in a separate box to write in etc. My original plan was to have a huge calendar where I could write stuff in each day, but that turned out to need a lot more space than I had planned for  :x A monthly calendar would probably work a lot better…but printing here is so goddamn expensive  T__T I found out Officeworks do A1 prints for $10 though so I might have to go to them sometime soon!

So yeah I’m planning to print this and put it in my room somewhere. Yay for organisation!

Sidenote: How awesome is WordPress’ new media uploader:

Wordpress' new media uploader - REVOLUTIONARY.
WordPress’ new media uploader – REVOLUTIONARY.

If you’ve ever used WordPress’s older media uploader you’d know it was a piece of junk that was sloowww as. Not only can you upload multiple images with the new uploader, you can update each image’s meta info without reloading, and insert MORE THAN ONE IMAGE AT ONCE IN A POST. :D Amazing. Truly, amazing.  :lurv:

Anyway, for those that don’t know I am going back to study this year and am finally getting a qualification in graphic design! I’ve started my own contracting business doing design work and you’d be surprised how hard it is to design business cards I think I’d use for a while.  :hello: Maybe I’ll get ideas from studying haha. Managing a contracting business is actually a lot to figure out but I think I’m getting there. I’m sure I’ll get a pretty good foundation in design principles from the course (at least I hope so). I’m actually really excited about starting – I begin in early Feb so I think my plan is to make the most of my free time atm and draw as much as possible.  :love: I’ve got so many ideas, if only I was faster at working on refining them! :sleepy:


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