The grad show
9 Sep 2016 //

Hello again!

So...yeah. That hiatus went way longer than expected. Sorry about that  :risweat: I honestly thought it would take me a month, tops to get my site up and running again. Turns out things happen and time just flies by way too quick. This year has been absolutely cray and I...

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Great Scott Grads 2015
29 Oct 2015 //

Great Scott! Grads 2015

Hey all. Holy crap a new update! I really should actually be doing work (as usual) but I thought I'd write a quick update to say I MADE A NEW WEBSITE!!! And you should totally check it out. It's at and I actually made it for my graduating year, just...

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15 Apr 2015 //

Oh look what I found

I just found this on my hard drive, I don't think I uploaded it here...or anywhere for that matter. There is a lot of stuff I don't upload here because it's just too embarrassing. This was one of those college assignments you love to hate...I don't have a passion for...

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Fluro 2
9 Apr 2015 //

So many updates!

I'm on a short break at the moment so I finally have time to update you guys on stuff! yay. A lot has been happening. Creative-wise's my last year at college and we're busy with portfolio work as well as planning our end of year grad show. It's going...

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Final Vector Robin
30 May 2014 //

Photo Realistic Vector Illustration

I FINISHED MY VECTOR DRAWING TODAY!!! We had to draw a photo realistic illustration in Illustrator for our final assignment for a class, and I'm so glad I've finished this because I've been working on it now for around eight weeks on and off (which sounds crazy now I think about it). But...

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Fennel Sculpture
1 Oct 2013 //

Art Assignments and General Ramblings…

I've been having a pretty lazy break so far, so I decided to do something slightly productive and post some work I've been working on the past few weeks for college. There's quite a bit to I've been working on last term but I'm pretty happy with how some of...

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The Gunslinger
22 Sep 2013 //

The Gunslinger

I'm blogging at last!! It feels like forever. I've been meaning to write about so much stuff but life has has seemed to have gotten in the way the past few weeks. :sweat: Not today though! I was driving through the outskirts of Perth today, and I just felt so...

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10 Jun 2013 //

Disco Fever / A Penguin’s Big Adventure

So it's been a while since I've completed much art for the sake of I've decided to post some things I've done for my last few assignments for the term. For this assignment, we had to pick a music era and do a graphic illustration for a double page...

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