7 Dec 2018 //

My thoughts about WordPress 5.0 and the new editor

I gotta say, right off the bat, the editing  experience on this is way, way, way nicer than using the old editor. I had my doubts Wordpress team, but for the rushed timeline, frantic feedback, and confusing timelines, I am actually quite impressed with how everything is working so far. It...

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4 Aug 2018 //

Simplicity vs Functionality: hello Web 3.0

Warning: rant incoming How was that frontend hackathon? Awesome! We almost installed and configured webpack and babel -- a reddit user who I instantly related to ;_; Remember the days when all people could talk about were glossy buttons and CSS3 effects? Or when libraries like mootools were popular and...

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Just random matter in the dark
17 Nov 2017 //

This always happens…

I set my sights on keeping this website active for at least the first few months of the year, EVERY JANUARY. Then life happens and I disappear into the world leaving you all to wonder - just where did she go? A lot has happened to me the past year - don't...

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7 Jan 2017 //

2016 obligatory wrap up

It's that time of year again. Where we salute to another revolution of the earth and look forward to bigger and hopefully better things in the next year. Overall, 2016 was a bit of a game changer. In the sense that everything kinda of just fell apart then fell into place...

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A Blank Canvas
23 Aug 2013 //

Blank Canvas ; New Layout ; WordPress Epicness ; Watercolours/Gouache

So first of all, you've probably noticed I changed the design of this blog entirely. I'm kinda sad I'm not using the old layout any more I guess, since that was something I hashed together myself...but I've wanted to revamp my website for a while. And I've come to realise,...

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8 May 2013 //

Referencing media in WordPress themes

I always used to get kinda confused about using stylesheet/directory tags, mainly because I'm the kind of person who needs things to be explained in layman's terms. And when you search for template tags in Google it's kinda...overwhelming. T__T There are so many different ways of using tags in Wordpress,...

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