Happy 2017
12 Feb 2017 //

Happy Year of the Rooster

Better late than never! This was a late night sketch that I sorta kinda like now. The scribbly background was the result of a very late night and general frustration at not being able to get it to look right...I think the messiness kinda adds to it though. 2017 has...

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7 Jan 2017 //

2016 obligatory wrap up

It's that time of year again. Where we salute to another revolution of the earth and look forward to bigger and hopefully better things in the next year. Overall, 2016 was a bit of a game changer. In the sense that everything kinda of just fell apart then fell into place...

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12 Jan 2016 //


Sanguine; originally meaning bloody, now also a word used to describe having an optimistic outlook on things. I love the contrast in the word's meaning, and the association of blood red to confidence and cheerfulness. Doesn't that seem kind of dichotomous somehow? I sketched out a concept a few months ago, and it started completely...

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Star Crossed
6 Jan 2016 //

The Last of 2015

And here we have the final illustrations of 2015... Gah I'm so rusty. I was going through all my digital illsutrations for 2015 and I wish I did more. I was really busy with end of year projects last year which took up a lot of my time...but let's see...

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Christmas Pavlova
25 Dec 2015 //

Merry Christmas and Hello 2016

I've been meaning to do a huge post with all my graduation pics and end of year projects and stuff....things have just been quite busy. I'm planning on doing that real soon though! I just wanted to do a quick update to say Merry Christmas and thanks to everyone who's...

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if zine #1
16 Sep 2015 //

if zine #1 + more!

Would it surprise you to know I haven't actually completed an illustration for over two months now....crazy right. It's not really because I haven't been inspired to draw anything. It's just that the last few weeks of college are so busy I haven't had much time to do much else...

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15 Apr 2015 //

Oh look what I found

I just found this on my hard drive, I don't think I uploaded it here...or anywhere for that matter. There is a lot of stuff I don't upload here because it's just too embarrassing. This was one of those college assignments you love to hate...I don't have a passion for...

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What Once Was
16 Dec 2014 //

What Once Was…

Late night drawing I did last night when I had no internet  :WHAT: The things you can do when the distractions aren't around...haah. Based on an old sketch I had lying around.

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Moustache You a Question
2 Dec 2014 //

Yes, I still exist

Well hi there..it sure has been a while. Sorry about that....the last few weeks of college have been crazy intense I don't actually know how I managed to get everything in on time. But I did and everything is done and dusted and I am so happy with the outcome...

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Rectangle of Light
26 Oct 2014 //

Negative Space pt 2

Yay new arts! Sorry about the lack of updates....I've been so busy with final year assignments. I've been doing so many logos lately it's like it never ends....but it's also a good thing because it means I get to practice more at typography and hand lettering. I can't wait to...

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Flashing Lights
4 Oct 2014 //

Flashing Lights

Here's something I've been working on in some spare time. I sketched this out ages ago, but things have gotten in the way...so I finished it late last night since I really wanted to complete it fully (I hate leaving things unfinished). I actually wasn't planning on animating it when I...

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Blah sketch
27 Sep 2014 //

Blah blah blah

I was doodling in class and in the midst of dreaming up app ideas and icons I drew this: It's not the most original idea but I thought it was a good enough concept to try to digitise. This is probably the most gouache-like painting I've done using digital media...and...

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24 Sep 2014 //


Oh my goodd this took a while for me to do..not just to figure out colours but to nail down a concept. I had half a concept going at one stage with the background, but finishing it off proved harder than I thought. I'm quite happy with the outcome though,...

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17 Sep 2014 //

ED-E the ever adorable packhorse

Testing out some new brushes..so yeah a bit of a style change. Experimenting is funnnn. You know that feeling when you know you've stumbled on something good and just want to keep using it forever? I love these brushes - just need to find the best way to use them. Anyway...

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Piece of a Memory
12 Sep 2014 //

A Piece of a Memory

I was feeling inspired so I sketched and finished this tonight  C: It's based off some old memories which are now kinda making me feel nostalgic... The family cat, Meeko, had to be put down over a month ago. It was so hard...it's just weird not seeing him around any more.  :[...

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Venn Diagram
10 Sep 2014 //

Venn Diagram

I had this general idea swirling round for a while, I just didn't really know what to do with the composition. I love the concept of venn diagrams though so I wanted to do something kinda illogical around it's whole concept. I used an old tree photo I had in my...

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5 Sep 2014 //

Ghosty Attacks

An old sketch I quickly rendered tonight....I was in the mood for a lot of blue. As usual.  :squee: I want to do more of these because they're so fun to do; just need to think of more weird ass creatures to draw.

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Intergalactic Flowers
3 Sep 2014 //

Copic Colour Fun Times

I have some A5 paper that needs using so I figured I'd practice using copics for colouring on some old sketches. I also have these scissors with interchangeable bladesas well; I've had them for ages but hardly used them....so I decided to make the square edges slightly different and fun. ...

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