1 Mar 2021 //

Support my work and get an inside look at what I’m working on!

Hello. Yes I know, I haven't updated this site in ages. I have been working on a lot of side projects, but here is something I'd love your support on, if you are interested. I've always wanted to bring artists, designers, and creatives together to have fun chats about our...

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24 Oct 2019 //

My love/hate relationship with social media, and other life updates

Hello! How are you fellow reader? It's been a long minute and I've missed blogging on here. I've had so much general stuff going on this year it's been hard to even keep track of what I've been accomplishing so I will attempt to update you all. :yay: If you...

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25 Nov 2018 //

What’s been happening

It's that time of year again...! It feels weird to be blogging again after such a long time. I don't even really know where to start. I realise this site has been languishing - I haven't posted anything new in ages and I haven't even done much art or anything...

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4 Dec 2017 //

The Drive

....sitting here imagining myself working for myself, promoting myself more, working on my craft more, but rather, just wondering if I've kinda lost it or if I'm just waiting for something to happen to spark that feeling again. What drives people to create? For me it's all always been about...

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Just random matter in the dark
17 Nov 2017 //

This always happens…

I set my sights on keeping this website active for at least the first few months of the year, EVERY JANUARY. Then life happens and I disappear into the world leaving you all to wonder - just where did she go? A lot has happened to me the past year - don't...

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6 Mar 2017 //


So recently, I decided to try go vegetarian until Easter. It's not so much a religious thing but really as an experiment to see if I can go without meat for an extended period of time. The point being, I really want to start living more ethically and that means...

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The grad show
9 Sep 2016 //

Hello again!

So...yeah. That hiatus went way longer than expected. Sorry about that  :risweat: I honestly thought it would take me a month, tops to get my site up and running again. Turns out things happen and time just flies by way too quick. This year has been absolutely cray and I...

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3 May 2015 //

Hello, me

So just a small update...or maybe a big one. I changed the domain name (if you hadn't already noticed). I didn't reaaallly want to, but honestly I've been trying to come up with a creative name for ages now. Actually, years. I've never really thought of anything I really liked,...

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Piece of a Memory
12 Sep 2014 //

A Piece of a Memory

I was feeling inspired so I sketched and finished this tonight  C: It's based off some old memories which are now kinda making me feel nostalgic... The family cat, Meeko, had to be put down over a month ago. It was so hard...it's just weird not seeing him around any more.  :[...

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21 Jul 2014 //


So this started out as another sketch I was going to watercolour, but decided to do digitally instead. I'm glad I went the digital route with this now because I don't think I could've done this traditionally (in the way I imagined anyway). I'm quite happy with how the golden...

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11 Jan 2014 //

The Long Overdue Post of 2013

Hiii everyone. I know this is a super overdue post - I've been meaning to blog a while ago but you know...things get in the way....as they do.... I've done a bunch of arts since I last posted which you can see on my deviantART gallery  :hee: I am aiming...

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The Gunslinger
22 Sep 2013 //

The Gunslinger

I'm blogging at last!! It feels like forever. I've been meaning to write about so much stuff but life has has seemed to have gotten in the way the past few weeks. :sweat: Not today though! I was driving through the outskirts of Perth today, and I just felt so...

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A Blank Canvas
23 Aug 2013 //

Blank Canvas ; New Layout ; WordPress Epicness ; Watercolours/Gouache

So first of all, you've probably noticed I changed the design of this blog entirely. I'm kinda sad I'm not using the old layout any more I guess, since that was something I hashed together myself...but I've wanted to revamp my website for a while. And I've come to realise,...

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30 Jul 2013 //

Fallout: New Vegas tribute ; Wacom Intuos5 review!

Yep I drew a fanart, around Fallout: New Vegas. I know I just about never do fanart, but I wanted to test out my new tablet (I'm reviewing the Wacom Intuos5 further down the post- if you just want to skip to that, click here, although why would you want to miss out on my...

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23 Jan 2013 //

Faces of Art: Digital Issue

Just a quick update - an amazing person on Deviantart wrote a magazine issue on Digital Art and some of my art is in it!! I think it's awesome and you should totally check it out  :squee:

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30 Nov 2012 //

A big update of drawings!

So I have a bit of updating to do ... if you follow me on DeviantART you have probably already seen these. Sorry for taking so long to update them here on the blog - it's just so easy to upload images onto DeviantART and forget about them ;_; But...

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6 Jul 2012 //

Hark! An update has arrived

Hi all! First off I have to apologise for being so ridiculously absent in updating this blog. I know I said I would post a new drawing every week but that hasn’t happened recently because of recent travel, block and games, which I will explain further below. Let’s start with...

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22 Jun 2011 //


Ok you may have noticed I haven't posted in a while... This is due to me travelling in America!! FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER! So please excuse me :( I haven't had much time or energy to create a postcard recently... But I promise I will catch up when I...

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