25 Nov 2018 //

What’s been happening

It's that time of year again...! It feels weird to be blogging again after such a long time. I don't even really know where to start. I realise this site has been languishing - I haven't posted anything new in ages and I haven't even done much art or anything...

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3 May 2015 //

Hello, me

So just a small update...or maybe a big one. I changed the domain name (if you hadn't already noticed). I didn't reaaallly want to, but honestly I've been trying to come up with a creative name for ages now. Actually, years. I've never really thought of anything I really liked,...

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24 Aug 2014 //

New Layout

So...you might've noticed something a bit different about this site. I felt like the blog just needed a bit of a makeover and something more structured and homepage-y. This will still be my art blog of course, I just wanted to add a gallery that did more justice to my art....

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21 Aug 2013 //

How awesome is this new theme!?

Yeah I'm kinda in love with it. But I'm still figuring out how best to sort my gallery on here....Next Gen Gallery's newest update has been pretty buggy.  :sweat: I also need to learn how to optimise my emoticons for retina screens when I get time, haha.

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11 Sep 2012 //


hehehe I know right. FINALLY. A NEW LAYOUT!!! HALLELUJAH. I feel like this deserves cake or something. Redesigning this website was such a pain. For a layout which looks so incredibly simple and minimalistic, this is probably one of the most intensive layouts I've ever worked on ;_; Not because...

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6 Jul 2012 //

Hark! An update has arrived

Hi all! First off I have to apologise for being so ridiculously absent in updating this blog. I know I said I would post a new drawing every week but that hasn’t happened recently because of recent travel, block and games, which I will explain further below. Let’s start with...

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6 Mar 2012 //

And now we resume normal programming…

Hi all! Long time no update - sorry for the lack of bloggage here. I went AWOL last month because I went on a short holiday to Europe with Cam! But we're back now and I'm just getting back into the swing of things. I'll post a little update on...

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