Cloudy City

Ink experimentation…damn I love using blues and purples.

I also used silver marker in this but yeah, it quite obviously smudged with the white pen I also used. Bad idea all round. I love the watery effect of the clouds in this, but I could have probably controlled the shapes better. Making something cloudy and dreamy takes some practice!

For the record, I’ve been using Canson paper for these sketches and it’s pretty good because I like texture with watercolours (well it’s better than Reeve’s anyway). One thing that really annoys me though is how each page has the brand embossed in the corner at the back …apparently it raises the price of artwork depending on the brand (according to one of my lecturers anyway). To be quite honest, it just irritates me because I can always make it out, even when it’s flat. I think I also prefer using beige paper too, as opposed to white when using any traditional media in general. I’ve been using Saunders paper for my final college assignments and it’s just really nice to work on…plus it seems to bring out colours more which is pretty good.

Cloudy City

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