Disco Fever / A Penguin’s Big Adventure

Disco Fever - Double Page Spread Design

So it’s been a while since I’ve completed much art for the sake of art…so I’ve decided to post some things I’ve done for my last few assignments for the term.

For this assignment, we had to pick a music era and do a graphic illustration for a double page spread design for a magazine (below). I picked the disco era because it’s just so colourful and bold and I really wanted to use some bright neon colours and glowy lights. :D I won’t lie, it was challenging to get the balance right though…from initial concepts to the final design I had no idea how many ideas and elements I’d actually change  :sweat: It was a lot of work, definitely more than I expected to be honest.

I might post a couple of sketches I did before coming up with my final design- I initially wanted the shape behind the figures to be a shiny disco ball with lights exploding behind them. But after following an awesome tutorial and making a vector disco ball in Illustrator, it looked kinda weird with the other shapes. The feedback I got was I needed to make my design a bit more retro, hence the reason why the entire thing looks pretty ‘camp’, haha.  ^v^

I really like how the amplifier bit at the bottom turned out – I actually learnt a lot of new techniques in Illustrator doing this assignment. Not to mention colour coordination… ;_; I drew the base shapes in Illustrator but I used some cel shading techniques in SAI and Photoshop just because it was so much easier. So I suppose the graphic is kind of a faux vector. I did use some soft shading for the guy’s pants though, they’re supposed to be pearlescent but I don’t really think I got the texture right.  .__.

I added in some light bokeh in the background for effect and a bit more texture…I really like how they contrast against the circles. But yeah. That’s basically what I did for one of my final assignments of the term. This spread printed with slightly different colours though – I’m not an expert at printing so it might just be the printers ink or something. Buutt I actually prefer looking at this on screen anyway. >D> And that blue-ey purple-y background. I LOVE that colour. :lurv:

Another one of my final assignments was doing a one minute stop motion animation. I haven’t had much experience doing animating in general, so this was really my first time doing a major stop motion project (I think I did a short one at school but it probably wasn’t any good). And it was NIGHTMARISH. I’m glad I did my project by myself though, because I could do my own thing and photo everything in my own time (yeah mostly everything was done at stupid hours of the morning under artificial light lol). I tried getting it all done as quick as possible, and that’s probably one of my downfalls because I had to reshoot my video halfway through just because I didn’t take enough photos.

You can get away with stop motion videos at 15 frames per second by my original shoot was at ~8 frames per second. It was horrible. My final version is at ~13-15 fps so while it’s ok in some parts, it’s still horrible in other parts. I really didn’t want to reshoot any more though, you seriously have no idea how many times I had to reshoot everything. And sitting there, clicking taking photos, moving the penguin another millimeter and accidentally swiping cutouts off the page… :heh: never. again. And because I used paper for my animation, I had to keep cutting shit and drawing and cutting etc. – my room’s still a mess as a result.  T__T

I have so much more respect for actually good stop motion videos as a result. XD

Yes that penguin is Meep – the mascot of my business website. :D Speaking of which, the website is going along pretty well, Cam wrote a plugin for it, so now all I have to do is update the portfolio and do a few more header images. And possibly fix up some CSS…because I always seem to spot something I need to fix. .__. I plan on launching it within a few weeks, once I have time to organise everything during my break (I get five weeks off apparently after next  week)! So I’m pretty excited. :D

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