ED-E the ever adorable packhorse

Testing out some new brushes..so yeah a bit of a style change. Experimenting is funnnn.

You know that feeling when you know you’ve stumbled on something good and just want to keep using it forever? I love these brushes – just need to find the best way to use them.

Anyway this is just something which I’m sure most hoarders playing Fallout (or any rpg for that matter) can relate to. :) Not only is ED-E a cute companion he has so much space for all the junk you find in the wasteland. Honestly I’ve never even used a nuke or missile on enemies because I keep saving them all for later in case I ‘need’ them. Which is…never.  >D>

I think the foods of Fallout could make a cool pattern though. I’ll probably work on that soon, because I love drawing food. Especially junky, boxed food that is in Fallout.  B)


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