Fallout: New Vegas tribute ; Wacom Intuos5 review!

Yep I drew a fanart, around Fallout: New Vegas. I know I just about never do fanart, but I wanted to test out my new tablet (I’m reviewing the Wacom Intuos5 further down the post- if you just want to skip to that, click here, although why would you want to miss out on my amazing insight? :wink2: ). I was kinda stuck for ideas on what to draw though….so I dug up some random sketches and somehow came up with this. But what better way to pay tribute to one of my favourite games?

So yeah, this isn’t the most exciting composition but I had fun drawing it. A lot more fun than I thought I would actually, because when I first started drawing this it was kinda a drag. T__T Probably because I started with a really blah sketch to begin with. Truth be told, I didn’t actually start off intending to do a fanart….I started with a sketch of a popsicle tree:

F:NV Original Sketch

Uhh yeah as you can see it’s not the most inspiring.  :sweat: I mean I may try do a finished version at some point down the track, but I just keep looking at this sketch and being like…nah. I had started drawing it a few months ago, and I had already done a really simple background of the desert. So I decided to scrap the sketch and draw the Mojave instead. :D Exploring the Mojave is so much friggin fun in Fallout: New Vegas. I have this strange connection to that place now…..it’s just really inspiring and amazing. I’ve always liked desert landscapes and so on but the environment and immersion is just so. fantastic. Even more so in Honest Hearts. The plants, the rivers…the amazingly well written backstories. Everything. I really want to do a Fallout: NV tour one day!!! And hike/camp in Zion National Park…  :lurv: ……

I was going to just draw Boone and ED-E because they are my favourite companions in F:NV <3 Buutt I wanted to do a fanart inspired by one of the Fallout 3 promo pics:

Fallout 3: Lone Wanderer

I figured I could use a similar pose, but front on with the Courier instead of the Lone Wanderer :3 I was going to save more progress shots but as always, fell into a spell of drawing and totally forgot.  T__T Sorry. ._. I started drawing this during the last few days of my holidays (yep I’m back at college now!) and drew this over the course of a few days in blocks so it was hard. ;-;

I’m kinda weird when I’m drawing something…sometimes I’ll be really inspired and can go for hours painting, but then other times I just feel really lazy and stare at it for a bit and go do other things. xD I’ve thought about recording my paintings or livestreaming but honestly, I reckon people would be so bored watching. I get distracted very easily. :( It’s hard to find a happy place sometimes to just finish something I start. I also got interrupted quite a few times by actual work so I’ve been pretty busy with that AND new assignments from college. I decided I have to finish this before I go crazy going back to this over and over again though, so I finished it early last night….and of course forgot to include around 10 layers in the final image when I uploaded it to DeviantART:

As you can see I did a lot of colour adjustments in Photoshop. I just grouped them and forgot to save them in the final image -_- Loolll…..that’s what finishing a painting late at night does. But it’s all fixed and updated now. :)

Anywho. The final version is of my character, Sorra, with ED-E and Boone wandering the desert. With my fave equipment, the GRA Tri-beam Laser Rifle, fully modded, and Joshua Graham’s armour. I could’ve included Follower-Chalk’s headdress as well, but I thought it might’ve been just a bit too much. :}  I wanted to give her a pretty hairstyle as well, but decided it was better in a ‘cute but deadly’ way. XD Because you need practicality when you’re exploring a wasteland. I actually wasn’t even going to draw Boone but decided I had to, because he’s awesome. And I had to laugh as I was drawing him with the Deathclaw….because that’s pretty much what happened when I went to Quarry Junction to get rid of the Deathclaw infestation. ahahah THANKS BOONE:love:

So yeah that’s my tribute to a fantastic game. Tbh I’ve been putting off the ending because I can’t decide what happens… ;_; I should really start playing it again.

So to all the Fallout fans, I hope you like it. :)

Now on to my review! I got a Wacom Intuos5 last week as I said in my last blog post- and it was pretty good because it arrived with overnight shipping from ebay. I still can’t get over the service you can get from there…I mean you’d think you’d be dealing with dodgy people half the time but this was just … all around a good experience. I do still hate the exorbitant fees on that site though. >_> I could’ve gotten a slightly cheaper deal at an education store but I wanted to use it right away, and they were using Aus Post eParcel. Yeup….slowness to the max. I also got the wireless kit because I figured I didn’t need anymore wires round my desk. But honestly it hasn’t changed much anyway, because I’m actually charging it most of the time (not the battery’s fault, I just like to have it plugged in when I’m not using it haha).  :ok:

I got the smallest Intuos5, but as you can see in the photo below it’s not actually that small.

Tablet and Equipment!Compared to my previous tablet (on the left) it’s actually slightly larger haha. But my previous tablet was a pretty old version anyway. In case you’re wondering, I decided to add in some pics of other stuff on my desk…just because. :) On a sidenote, I got some new headphones from ebay too. They were supposed to be ONTO headphones from Japan but tbh they seem pretty fake to me. But it came with proper packaging and everything so I don’t really know if I just got a crappy one or the quality’s just gone down. It’s pretty disappointing because the first authentic pair I got in Singapore were so good…and then they broke. And after that I’ve never been able to find a good/authentic set. Oh well. I really want to get some Urbanears headphones next anyway!

Um yeah anyway back to my tablet “review”. :x  I really like the scroll wheel. I use it all the time now to change brush size, and the clicker on the pen is really convenient as well when I’m painting in Photoshop. It saves so much time it’s crazy. I do still use the regular keyboard shortcuts on my keyboard though – my tablet has shortcut keys but I don’t really use them.  :heh:

One thing I don’t understand about Wacom tablets is how hard it is to just have ergonomic buttons that are easy to press. I could excuse the buttons on my last tablet because it was old tech. and I wouldn’t really expect the functionality to be that great. But with this new tablet, the buttons are still really tactile… and it takes quite a bit of effort to use. When I have to think about using a shortcut key, to me that kinda defeats the purpose in the first place. I dunno, maybe I just need to get used to using them or something, but it would be nice if they just got rid of the ‘fancy’ button overlays and made the shortcut keys like the simple keys you get on regular keyboards. Ones that are EASY TO PRESS and don’t need a megaton of force in the right location to use. Same with the button in the middle of the scroll wheel. The scroll wheel is GREAT but switching the wheel from brush size to the other shortcuts like zoom and scroll through layers just takes way. too. long. So for 99% of the time my scroll wheel is just fixed on the change brush size setting. :uhh:

The pen also has an eraser on the other end but I hardly use that either; I just switch to eraser from my keyboard.One of the cool things is the tablet came with 10 extra nibs in the pen holder…but honestly I’m kinda scared of messing round with the tip in the first place.  :argh: Handy, though I don’t think I’ll need to replace any for a while. I used my last pen for over a year and it’s still lasted ages. Oh yeah another thing the tablet has is support for touch gestures. Photoshop supports them so you can actually use gestures to rotate the view and zoom and so on. You have to obviously do this while your pen’s off the tablet though or it won’t work. Honestly I have hardly used this function at all and doubt I really will in the future. As you can tell I’m pretty easy to please haha. But I guess it’s a cool feature. But something that I don’t really need. The tablet also came with some bundled software including Sketchbook Express and some watered down version of Corel Painter. The best thing about the freebies was probably the single Wacom brush set you get  :yay:

Overall I’m pretty happy with the tablet, the extra pressure levels is awesome and I can actually tell a huge difference between the strokes I draw on the Intuos5 compared to my Bamboo. The extra drawing space is pretty nice too (I don’t think I even have space on my desk for the medium one lol). I have to admit the shortcut keys are kinda annoying for me to use though. And I was having some driver problems where the tablet driver would turn off and I’d lose the pressure sensitivity, forcing me to restart. But then I realised it was probably because I had both my tablets plugged in which was causing problems…so I’ve taken my old one out finally. It was hard but you gotta let go at some point.  B)

So yeahh that is my very informal review of my new tablet. Honestly, I can write all fancy and professional if I really have to (I do have a degree in Communications after all), but I like keeping this blog casual and me. I posted on Facebook last night that blogging always takes me a long time. Well, it would, when I write ~2000 words each post.  :lol: It’s true. I surprise myself sometimes but I do rant on this blog a lot. But I love it. So I hope you enjoy reading my long winded blog posts.  .__.

On that note I really want to update this website’s layout at some point …probably round end of year. So not anytime soon, but I’ve been thinking this site really needs another overhaul. I know I just did one not too long ago but I want to make this site even more minimalistic with a layout purely focusing on my blog and the content. I have an idea in mind on how to lay everything out, I just need to find time to design it and implement it.But that will take a lot of time.  :o_O Especially since I still need to um..do the last few headers for Meep…..which will be the next few paintings I’m going to do soon…. XD

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