Flashing Lights

Here’s something I’ve been working on in some spare time. I sketched this out ages ago, but things have gotten in the way…so I finished it late last night since I really wanted to complete it fully (I hate leaving things unfinished).

I actually wasn’t planning on animating it when I first drew it, but then I got thinking it would probably add a lot more to the concept. I think it does too, plus it was actually pretty fun to add in all those flashing lights everywhere. I also had to draw Meeko in there somewhere!

I like playing on the contrast between nature and technology as you might’ve noticed with a lot of my work, so I think this concept is definitely something that speaks for a lot of what I draw usually.

Anyway, there’s this thing called Inktober which pretty much everyone is doing at the moment – I’ll probably be posting some sketches on my Instagram (which I just got last week! Finally.). I’m going to try focus more on lettering though I think since that’s something I want to get a lot better at. Learning to draw type well as compared to just drawing from your head is difficult.

Flashing Lights Static

^Static version

Flashing Lights

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