Happy Year of the Rooster

Better late than never! This was a late night sketch that I sorta kinda like now. The scribbly background was the result of a very late night and general frustration at not being able to get it to look right…I think the messiness kinda adds to it though.

2017 has been full of creative projects that I’m really excited about. This weekend I’ve just finished a full on sparkly winter cape with working lights. I’ve been talking about making one for ages and I’m pretty sure no one actually really thought I would make one but I did over two weekends. It was pretty satisfying to make and I’ve discovered I really like sewing now (despite the crazy backache and all-nighters sewing!). My next sewing project will probably involve a summer kimono cape of some sort. I’ve already got the fabric (it’s sah prettyyy); I just need to create the pattern now. I’ll post more pics of my cape in a separate post soon  ^v^

I have a boatload of fabric now thanks to Spotlight’s sale recently, and hope to make some hair clips and pencil cases (maybe) in the future as well. I bought bulk hair clips ages ago thinking I’d crochet a bunch of custom designs but I discovered I am way too slow at crocheting for that. I can definitely get down with sewing and hot gluing though!  :lurv:

Other projects I am currently working on include an online web-zine. It will be artsy and random and maybe even a bit nostalgic, and hopefully will exist in the near future! The thing with zines is they are so tedious to make in real life, I’m thinking I want a sea-change and experiment with the “zine” medium on the web. It’ll be quite different and probably unlike anything you’ve seen before. :3 The whole concept is a lot of floating jumbled thoughts in my head at the moment but I will consolidate it all and design it soon-ish.

I also plan to learn how to use a static site generator to create websites, and more specifically for my WordPress starter theme. I think I’ll probably use Jekyll since it links up to Github but if you have any other suggestions let me know in the comments! I’m quite new to the static site generation thing but I absolutely love the concept and philosophy behind it.

I plan to learn a lot more PHP and JS this year – for efficiency but also so I can do more with it. I’d really like to try to learn Vue too- to create a basic web app I have in mind. I was researching it the other day and it seems like an awesome reactive framework that is easily understandable with logical syntax – something I have struggled to find with other libraries. I have never used a reactive framework before though so if you have any experience and want to recommend anything else or have any tips please let me know!

Alongside all of this I want to draw a lot more too. Wayyy more. 2016 was a bit of a slow year for me because not only did I start working full time juggling not just design but code being a newbie at both industries basically, I went through a lot of personal changes which affected my creative output a lot. I’m feeling a lot more inspired and creative now though and just ready to say more with the creative voice that I have. I have started to do ink spit draws which I might turn into another zine at some point, and I also want to get on to other side projects that includes designing a sylvanian families zine and colouring book, and maybe also some packaging for coffee tea bags. If all of this sounds like the crazy ramblings of a madwoman that’s because it probably is…I have so many ideas I wish I had more time and energy to get started on it all!

Right now though, I think I’ll just take things as they come, and see where my creative energy takes me.

On a last note, I recently created and illustrated a holding page for my co-worker’s birthday. You should check it out- I’m pretty happy with how it turned out.  :hello:

Happy 2017

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