Hark! An update has arrived

Hi all! First off I have to apologise for being so ridiculously absent in updating this blog. I know I said I would post a new drawing every week but that hasn’t happened recently because of recent travel, block and games, which I will explain further below.

Let’s start with the new site layout. In case you were wondering, I AM working on a new layout for this website still. In fact I am planning to completely overhaul the links and structure of this place because right now it is giving me a headache going through everything. And I’m sure for you as a visitor, the site navigation etc. is not exactly the best laid out, as well as the images … and well everything.

You know when you have really awesome visions in your head of what you’d like your website to look like? Well I have a bad habit of starting things before fully planning them out – so as I do, I created SEVEN different drawings meant for the new layout. It could probably be used for a mini comic flip book because that’s really what has come to be – I actually wanted to create a similar effect used here. Alas, I have had a multitude of dumb stuff happen, including me saving over hours of work in Photoshop in some of the files (meaning I lost all the layers, effects etc. I had originally) which I admit was my fault…~_~” Then when I put the layout together somewhat in Dreamweaver, it was even more painful to position each div and keep it fluid in browsers from 1024×768 up to 1990x~. Even now at 104×768 things look a bit cramped and I really don’t want to resize the drawings more. It sucks though because I know a majority of people still use the 1024×768 resolution L And then I decided I hardly even liked the new layout anymore, because of the limited amount of space in each ‘slide’.

To cut a long story short I am at a crossroads about what I should do – give up on this layout and make a business card sized flipbook (LOL) or start a new layout and actually plan where each content will go.

Le sigh. I get way too much ahead of myself sometimes

In other news, I went to Malaysia in the last week of June! It was really just to catch up with relatives and my cousin’s wedding, haha. But it was great to escape Perth weather for a bit and do a bit of shopping :D I’ll upload some photos of my trip at a later date when I get my camera!

I’ve also been playing a lot of games which is also another very very weak excuse as to why I haven’t updated this blog or my drawings recently. Yes, it’s Diablo 3. But seriously, when you start playing this game you just can’t stop until you have finished Inferno at least. MY GOD I need better armour. More gold/armour farming for me! Hehehehe. Yeah. Sorry :’( I’ve also recently gotten into the Sims 3 again – I stopped playing but started again since buying all the expansion packs. There is so much to explore and do now, it’s CRAZAY. But good.

Cam even updated my computer so the OS and programs are now running on an SSD! Including the Sims 3. My god did it need the SSD because without it I’m pretty sure my old hard drive would now splutter and lag horribly with all the new expansions loaded.

Anyhow I will stop the rant here and wish you all a very pleasant weekend – I WILL POST SOMETHING PRODUCTIVE SOON. Thanks for stayin with me my lovelies <333

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