Hello Summer <3

So I was practising drawing sand dunes the other day, because I’m really fascinated by empty landscapes. I just thought I’d try something a bit out of my comfort zone. I’ve had a few failures at drawing sand and deserts in general properly. :argh: So yeah, starting this was HARD. :uhh:


I had to look up a few photo references because I honestly have never tried to draw realistic-ish dunes…ever. I got really preoccupied though and I just blended and went over everything. I couldn’t help it, everything just looked so…messy. I was totally thinking ‘Prince of Persia’ while drawing this. XD I somehow got reminded of the beach and not the desert, and so started drawing a cute little ice cream truck. I know…totally random…but hey, I just go with the flow. Something looked like it was missing, so I added in some wispy candy smoke….which looked SO BAD I almost deleted this entirely ._. .

Pink and brown....ugh NO. D:
Pink and brown….ugh NO. D:

If you remember my drawing for Spring, it had music and stuff in there as well, so I figured I might as well include something similar for a Summer drawing. I also really wanted to draw an ice cream truck; I had a pretty good vision of it in my head and well, seeing as I was drawing dunes at all, I might as well throw in another element which I am really not good at drawing XD.  Vehicles have always been so..un-functional whenever I’ve attempted to draw one. It’s just kinda frustrating because I suppose I don’t really have much knowledge of cars AT ALL so I don’t really know how to draw one. It was super fun drawing the icey treats though, it really got me in the mood to finish the rest of the drawing tbh. :P

Getting..somewhat there?
Getting..somewhat there?

Colours were kinda a bit…off in this. I had to fix a lot of it up in Photoshop and even then I don’t know if I’m totally happy with it. Getting the sky right in this was actually surprisingly really … complex. XD It’s almost a solid colour now, but before it was just a pile of messy colours everywhere ;_; I juts wanted a warm and sunny drawing dammit!

Adjustment layers are just so amazing in Photoshop.  :love: And just because I’m pretty happy with how the truck turned out, here is a super UP CLOSE version, just for you guys!!  :*


On a sidenote, I really want to learn how to use slices in Photoshop. I came across some tuts the other day for converting a psd to a webpage and it looks…amazing. Like…really amazing. The only downside is the amount of cleaning up I imagine would happen once the code from Photoshop is exported HAHA. But still. It’s seriously amazing what Photoshop can do now.

So yeah, that’s the story behind this drawing. I really want a strawberry popsicle now.  :berry:

In other news…

You might’ve noticed I’ve updated my website!! Well, the structure of it anyway. Check out my store layout – it looks like it’s part of this website now! It’s now a lot more cohesive and it took quite a while to get working and there are still things I need to work on but it’s almost there! Pretty happy with the outcome actually; I thought it’d be a lot harder to customise. Storenvy is seriously amazing – not only is it FREE, but you don’t pay fees for listings or sold items. Suck it Etsy.

I’ve also now included my Tumblr/Live Blog to the website! I update it pretty frequently with random music, images and quotes that inspire me so feel free to follow and say hi!! <3 I’ve used Tumblr for a while now just to get inspiration here and there…I think it’s an amazing site. <3

Well that’s about it for now. If you find any broken links please email me so I can fix them! I hope  I haven’t changed anything too major haha. Let me know what you think about the drawing and my new and improved website! :D Any feedback/suggestions more than welcome!

Hello Summer

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