I Love Bubbles

YES that’s right there is a new drawing. Well new-ish. If you were a fan on facebook you might have seen this last week (lucky you?). I was experimenting with textures in this one and kinda went a bit overboard with the photoshop brushes in this. I just love grass. And clouds. Maybe too much. The clouds in this are so overdone XD I’ll fix them…one day….maybe.

I’ve decided I am possibly the worst blogger ever. Even just thinking about writing a new blog exhausts me. I am just always so busy…I can never find the time to do all these little things let alone draw something epically amazing. I think in the big website overhaul (which is now looking to be somewhere late this year) I will stop calling this place a “blog” and instead call it a “news” page. Good idea? No? Sigh.

Anyway I know this drawing could do with a lot of improvements. I have already over-edited it to death. Possibly over-edited it too much…but at least I had fun drawing it and that’s what counts right?


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