Love Conquers All

Omg… I spent so long readjusting this image and I still really want to fix it up. But I also need to leave it alone because I think I’ve reedited it too many times, and there is this other idea I need to get working on for a NEW LAYOUT for this site!! I know I’ve said that since the start of this year but I seriously want to get something started. I think this next layout may take a while though – I have a pretty awesome idea for the layout, I just need to draw the graphics!

Anyway, for this drawing I spent ages trying to figure out how to do this. Because it’s a combination of cloudy clouds and straight edge vectors, it was really hard to seamlessly weave in both elements. The depth in this is a bit off I know, but hey it just adds to the cartoony, illustrative feel of it like the rest of the stuff I do ;D

The idea behind this is that instead of hoisting flags up everywhere on conquered land, there are growing flagpoles and unfurled hearts and other metaphorical cutesy stuffs :D:D You have no idea how much I recoloured the sky either. And you’d think that would be the easiest thing to do… =_=

Anyhow, back to the massive number of projects I have to start… It just never ends!

Love Conquers All

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