Merry Christmas and Hello 2016

I’ve been meaning to do a huge post with all my graduation pics and end of year projects and stuff….things have just been quite busy. I’m planning on doing that real soon though!

I just wanted to do a quick update to say Merry Christmas and thanks to everyone who’s helped me throughout this year. It’s been a really busy one but it’s also been really fun and really rewarding. I’ll detail more in the next post.

In the meantime eat lots of cake, sleep in, and be merry…

I drew some Christmas cards too – just to start reworking that muscle memory again. These ones are A6 sized so you can print them out and cut them around the coloured border to get a nice die cut, then write on the back. I would’ve printed these out but my printer at home isn’t  the best, and I don’t have access to tafe’s printer anymore. :( On the top of my to buy list is a better printer and SLR camera for next year.

These cards are Australia themed, with a banksia, pavlova, and galah. I love galahs but I can’t really ever draw them right. :sweat:  Ah well.

Christmas Pavlova

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