Momentary Static

Ahhh a new drawing!! Yayyy….this is probably going to be the last drawing I do for a while though  :sweat: Well I am hoping to start on something else soon but I’m kinda busy now with other things  :WHAT:

I guess if you didn’t already know, I’m finally doing a course to get a qualification in graphic design! I started this week and it’s been pretty good so far; I’m actually really enjoying the classes and I think I’ll learn a lot. Hell, I’ve learnt more in my first week at college than I did in my first month at uni  :zz: I know…it’s pretty bad….but I’m being serious. This is just so much better because the assignments are practical and actually relatable to actual work :yay: Plus they don’t beat around the bush like a lot of my lecturers at uni.  This semester we’re doing a few classes on drawing and colour theory and also using InDesign and Illustrator. Ooh we also have to do one photography unit which I’m excited/a bit apprehensive about because I love taking photos but I kinda suck when it comes to composition haha  :x Hopefully it all goes well though! I learnt all about aperture and shutter speed the other day, sounds easy but for a photography noob like me it’s kinda hard to get your head around ;-;

I’ve also been busy doing some freelance work – I’ve recently set up a business and I want to get it fully operating by the time I finish my course. It’s baby steps right now but it’s really exciting and I hope it works out well  :} I have to work on the website and everything so that will most likely take up some more of my time.  :< I will try to find time to practise drawing more though because I have a tonne of stuff I want to get down on the screen!  :D

Anyway I’m really glad I finished this drawing before I started studying again, I would have been way too tired to even finish this if I hadn’t :o_O  I posted the WIP on my facebook, and it wasn’t looking that great at that point..:

uhh...yeah...I don't know what was happening either.
uhh…yeah…I don’t know what was happening either.

If you saw this on DA earlier in the week, this drawing was inspired by sleep paralysis, a story by a woman that is featured on dredg’s El Cielo album artwork. She retells her experience occuring as soon as she turned off her TV and the entire room went black. It actually sounds terrifying and has stuck in my memory since I read it..years ago…but I wanted to do something a bit more happy and upbeat. So I drew flamingos in loovee in a puddle of clouds surrounded by a field of grass  ^v^ Gosh it’s like I’m describing food. But yeah that’s basically how I see it. Horror just isn’t my thing?

I initially imagined the tv literally dripping colour and clouds but I just couldn’t for the life of me get the composition of the puddles to the background right. Everything just looked off. So I changed it to a cloud lake and I think I like it better. I was going to include some reeds and butterflies and other random stuff in there but in the end took it all out because it just looked way too busy. I just really like keeping things simple. I was also going to put in like a rainbow or electricity between the antennaes but deleted that as well because…well…it just didn’t look right. I did add in the scanlines and static noise though, just to give it a more retro-ish look. There’s just something about flamingos and retro tvs that look so good together. I think it’s the connotation to those silly flamingo lawn ornaments lol.

I really want to get a bit more perspective in my drawings though, it’s one thing I really struggle with because it’s so hard for me to imagine things in the distance T__T Hopefully I’ll get better as it though as I practise  :argh: Weeelll I hope you like ittt!  :love: I actually think it’s now one of my favourite drawings I’ve done. I just love the colours and I love the concept and I would TOTALLY wear this on a black tshirt, if someone were able to digitally soft print this for cheap I’d be so happy  c:

Momentary Static

3 thoughts on “Momentary Static

  1. Louise says:

    I love this piece! It’s so pretty. I’d probably wear it on a t-shirt or tote bag.  :love:
    Yup. Technical college/tafe beats uni any day (and I’m glad we still have some around *cough*). I’m glad to hear you’re enjoying it, and hope you continue to find it fulfilling.

    1. Jakki says:

      Thanks so much Louise, I really appreciate you comment! ^^ Haha yeah I am starting to see that…our unis definitely need to lift their game! I hope the course will be good in the long run, I’ll keep you updated :*

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