My love/hate relationship with social media, and other life updates

Hello! How are you fellow reader?

It’s been a long minute and I’ve missed blogging on here.

I’ve had so much general stuff going on this year it’s been hard to even keep track of what I’ve been accomplishing so I will attempt to update you all. :yay:

If you don’t already know, I started a web dev blog.

It is called and I started it this year as a way to separate my technical side from my artsy side. My goal with this side project is to simply document what I learn as I learn it, and hopefully it helps some other developers out there too. It also allows me to experiment with more of the modern web’s features, and honestly I’ve been really enjoying it, despite the fact that most of my day-to-day work involves WordPress (and I <3 WP). Most of my blogs on there are far more technical than what I usually rant about on here, so if you are into web development or the intersection of design and code, check it out. ^m^

I have stopped using Facebook and Instagram so don’t check for any of my new work on there.

Simply put, I don’t care for these platforms anymore. Honestly, I think they are outdated and the overall process and platform don’t align with my values.

With that said, I have a love hate relationship with social media. On one hand, I love that it allows you to connect with so many people across the world. On the other, you’re at the mercy of advertisers, corporate greed, and late-stage capitalism.

Browsing these feeds everyday is exhausting to me and to add more noise to those feeds with my own work and art feels strenuous and pointless.

It’s the reason why I’ve never felt comfortable posting my work on Instagram to begin with – not only was the platform not even made for showcasing finished, digital art (you can’t even post from your desktop), it promotes the creation of facades and hyper curated feeds that serve the sole purpose of selling even more junk to people. The focus on hashtags and followers is also a big time sink and honestly, I don’t know how other artists do it because I just want to spend my time and energy elsewhere from these social platforms.

Right now, the only social platform I actively use is Twitter, mainly because the conversations are more people focused than ad focused. :rieh:

I started doing some pixel art.

I’ve always wanted to work more on pixel art because it’s a craft I greatly admire, however I never found the time or energy in the past to really work on it. I’ve been experimenting with animating loops and typography using Aseprite. It’s a great little tool and it’s actually been really fun, although I know I still have quite a way to go yet in improving my overall aesthetic. One of my weaknesses is that I’m really quite impatient when I work on things and I tired of things quite quickly so…I’m working on it. .__.

I updated this website’s layout and functionalities to show off my work more.

I worked on it early this year and basically just redesigned it as I coded it. It’s the best way to work for me now, because I like seeing the results of what I want to happen straight away.

It was really hard to get the aesthetic and focus of the content as I wanted it though, and I went through many iterations along the way using Figma to prototype a few different designs.

I’m really quite happy with how it’s all turned out though, and I still love the layout and aesthetic almost a year later which is super rare for me!

My work spans so many different mediums and outlets that I wanted an easy way for myself and visitors to gauge quickly what I do and have accomplished so far.

When I go to a portfolio, I often want to just see the work straight away, so it made sense to me to put all my work on the front page as a grid that was quickly skimmable and accessible.

It actually really surprises me when I visit a portfolio and the work isn’t front and centre, so that was something I definitely wanted to fix in my case.

I’d love to show off some of the sites and other things I’ve worked on this past year too, however I think I’ll wait til the end of year for that one because I want to include my goals for 2020 (there are quite a few).

In the meantime, I hope to do a lot of housekeeping and cleaning up a lot of content on here…wish me luck. T__T

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