Negative Space pt 2

Yay new arts! Sorry about the lack of updates….I’ve been so busy with final year assignments. I’ve been doing so many logos lately it’s like it never ends….but it’s also a good thing because it means I get to practice more at typography and hand lettering. I can’t wait to show you guys the stuff I’m working on soon!

Anyway these are some things I did in the spare time I had last week.

They are actually based on old concepts I always wanted to draw but could never find the right composition. I’m really liking the use of negative space and minimalism at the moment. I suppose it’s always been a part of my style anyway, but it’s just something I’m still experimenting with.

I don’t really know what to say about these, I think they kinda speak for themselves…

I have this tendency to use a lot of purples and blues in my drawings, I think I should probably step out of my comfort zone a bit haha.

Rectangle of Light

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