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So…you might’ve noticed something a bit different about this site. I felt like the blog just needed a bit of a makeover and something more structured and homepage-y. This will still be my art blog of course, I just wanted to add a gallery that did more justice to my art. I still love my old blog layout and I’m kinda sad I’m not using it any more but seeing as this is all about art, I figured I’d make the art a bit more integrated into the layout. :wink: I just hope this works on everyone’s browsers ok, I usually get kinda nervous when this much ajax is used all at once.  .__. So yeah let me know if anything breaks or looks dodgy.  :heh:

I actually got rid of all my old galleries because Next Gen Gallery just suddenly stopped working once I upgraded, and I couldn’t be bothered trying to figure out how to fix it because of the millions of affected images. I was in the process of resizing and uploading all my photos up here but I’m wondering if it’s worth it still since I doubt anyone even looked at them anyway…….I did buy some random gallery plugin yesterday night though, being in a sleepy haze of delusion. So I gotta make use of that somehow.  ;_; Note to self, never browse online shops late at night.  T__T

You have no idea how hard it is to find a good WordPress theme though – I mean there are bazillions out there, but finding one that’s well made and suits your purpose takes so much time. Then installing and customising it all to fit your site’s content takes even more time. I’m not a big fan of bloated, messy themes but it seems like that’s all the rage these days. I do like fancy javascript animations but there’s only so much you can take before it gets annoying, you know? Other things that annoy me –  images/videos that cover the entire screen. When you have a huge screen you’d think it’d be nice to have, but really, who has time to upload/download all those hi res images? Because if they aren’t hi res it just ends up being low res and looking crappy and that’s not ideal either. And yet so many themes seem to include this which is … weird.

Auto loading videos also piss me off -actually I was thinking about this the other day – a lot of companies and news websites think ‘rich’ (aka video) media is the next big thing. And I guess it kinda is if you actually have valuable content people want to share/learn from. HOWEVER, some companies claim video content is experiencing huge growth when in fact they have preloaded and auto playing videos on their pages. THIS IS SO ANNOYING and is one reason why I hate browsing most news websites. I read news websites because I don’t want to watch people on tv narrate it to me. Yet they think that people are actually interested in reading an article and listening to it AT THE SAME TIME.  :riun: It’s like those click bait sites that have a really misleading title which you think is some in depth article when it’s really a link to an embedded Youtube clip.

I don’t really know how I got onto the topic of annoying videos but yeah….let me know what you think of the new layout!

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