Oh look what I found

I just found this on my hard drive, I don’t think I uploaded it here…or anywhere for that matter. There is a lot of stuff I don’t upload here because it’s just too embarrassing.

Watercolour Vintage Car

This was one of those college assignments you love to hate…I don’t have a passion for cars, but looking at this illustration now, you know what I’m actually pretty happy with it. It’s not perfect but as far as colours and stuff go, yeah, I’m satisfied with it.

The subject wasn’t too interesting; we had to focus on the little details and reflections, but it was more of a technique building exercise than anything. I love using watercolours and gouache so doing this car was quite relaxing actually. It’s based on a really crappy photo I took at a local car museum, so I had to adjust the colour a lot with the paint. I also had to distort the wheel a bit as I was silly and didn’t take a photo of the whole car. So the bottom part of the wheel has been filled in really badly (can you tell? haha). Oh I also used a bit of coloured pencil to touch up the black values too.

Looking at this makes me want to paint really badly now.


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