Photo Realistic Vector Illustration


We had to draw a photo realistic illustration in Illustrator for our final assignment for a class, and I’m so glad I’ve finished this because I’ve been working on it now for around eight weeks on and off (which sounds crazy now I think about it). But yeah, I think I totally outdid myself with this one, because this was one of those assignments I was dreading. And then I actually finish this three weeks early. XD Opening the file makes my computer stutter like crazy too – definitely don’t have any plans of opening it in the future. :0

I chose to do a bird just as something different and challenging (texture-wise anyway); apparently no one had ever chosen to recreate a bird before so my teacher seemed surprised I went with it. :3: A lot of people last year were doing cars and stuff too so I figured I’d try do something a bit more natural. The organic elements were quite hard to recreate though, and looking up close you can still tell my drawing has a fake look….but I think it’s close enough to the photo if you zoom out. ^]^ Credits for the original photo is to benavery.

I ended up making a custom brush for the feathers, and funnily enough I found drawing the background a LOT harder than doing the actual bird. Actually, drawing this entirely was difficult – in the sense that it was incredibly tedious and boring. Photorealism is so not my thing, so I wasn’t really looking forward to doing this assignment at all. However, I did learn a lot in Illustrator from doing this, and I’m also happy with the result, knowing the time and detailing that went into it.

Vectorising something is a different art to just simply drawing something on paper or even in Photoshop, so I made a graphic below to show just how much STUFF I did in the background to create this. Most people who don’t really know how vectors work would probably pass something like this off as simply a recreation (me included) so I feel like I have to show the effort I put into this.

Bird Comparison

I think the point of this exercise was to just show off our Illustrator skills and challenge us to use different techniques to create something realistic…which I think I did a pretty spectacular job on, if I may say so myself.  B)

Final Vector Robin

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