A pretty neat font

a pretty neat font

A few years ago, I made a free font within the space of a few days, using a brilliant open source software, Birdfont. It was truly a test of patience and dedication.

Making fonts is hard work y’all. Honestly, type designers make this craft look easy. It’s such a work of art and requires so much skill and eye for detail. I have so much respect for typographers. :kissy:

I’ve gotten a lot of requests for the font since my dropbox now no longer works, so here is a dedicated page for you to download it. For free. For use, anywhere, anytime. Remix it, add characters, do with it what you will.

This is one of those projects in which I learnt a lot from, and I hope it helps you with your project.

I plan to create a version 2 at some point soon, but in the meantime…

Download the font