A pretty neat font

a pretty neat font

A few years ago, I made a font using a brilliant open source software called Birdfont.

Pretty Neat is based on my own very neatest handwritinng, and I made it with wireframes, mockups, and  note-taking in mind. My main goal was to make a typeface that was friendly, but easily recognisable and legible.

I plan to create a version 2 at some point with more characters, but until I get a large enough chunk of time to do so the watered down version is only available for now (you are welcome to sponsor the development of the font if you are interested though)!

I’ve gotten a lot of requests for the font since my dropbox now no longer works, so here is a dedicated page for you to download it. For free. For use, anywhere, anytime. Remix it, add characters, do with it what you will. I learnt a lot from this project and I hope it helps you with your work too. :)


Download the font

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